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Three Living Room Layout Ideas

Open-style living room

Your living room: it’s where you eat dinner, take a quick snooze, lounge with friends, trip over your kid’s legos, and maybe do your 9-5. It’s a space that’s, well, lived in, and it’s got to work for your needs! Whether yours sees a lot of traffic or acts as a quieter space in your home, arranging this kind of adaptable area can look super different depending on your needs. Do you want a cozy nook or an open, airy feeling? What kind of furniture do you have to work with? Let’s start with process: 

Begin with the largest piece of furniture you have. Maybe this is your sofa, or even an armchair; position it toward your room's focus of attention, for example a fireplace, tv, or gallery wall. Grab your smaller seating options next, and see what it feels like to position them across or next to your first, larger piece. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to bring in your accent tables, ottomans, and poufs to fill in the edges and open spaces.

Now let’s get into three arrangement ideas.

1: Balanced + Conversational  

Two chairs facing a sofa make for the perfect setup when you’re entertaining—it’s plenty of seating, and if you place a coffee table in the center, everyone has a spot to place a drink. Variate this by pushing your two chairs off to the side slightly; this works especially well if your sofa faces a tv or fireplace. Adjust how relaxed you’d like the space to feel by either matching or mixing up your chairs.

This is a great setup if you have a dining or work space on the other side of the room, as the sofa creates a natural division between the room's areas. 

Two balanced living rooms

Get the look (left): Ridge Accent Chairs + Meera Sofa(right): Rio Chair + Kaydan Chair

2. Cozy Corners


Oh, the powers of a sectional! In this option, a sectional meets two chairs and works its magic to create a cordoned-off area that feels intentionally separate from the rest of the room. Aside from just being cozy, this also makes for a great live/work layout: with the sectional situated in the center of the room, the rug, placed only under the “living area,” further defines the space. A bench, ottoman or coffee table in the middle of the sectional and chairs provides a spot to put up your feet or place a drink. 

Get the look: Pax bench

3. Open + Minimal

Open layout

This example includes a sectional with a single chair across the way to keep the living area exposed to the rest of the room. It’s a pared-down look, and one that invites comfy poufs, ottomans, and benches for quick, extra seating that doesn’t overcrowd the space or interrupt the open feeling of the layout.

Blumen Corner Sectional

Get the look: Blumen Corner Sectional

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