Enjoy Now. Pay Later.

Low interest fixed payments over 12 months

We try to keep the pricing as low as we can, but it can still be a big chunk to do all at once. With cars, for example, most people pay over time instead of one lump sum. We wanted to apply this to furniture as well, another big purchase.

If you'd prefer to pay in installments instead of all at once, we've partnered with Affirm to give you some options to do just that.

We’ve made high end, long lasting furniture more accessible.

Get Approved

During your checkout just select the “Affirm Financing Option”, then provide basic information for instant approval.

Choose the Best Terms for You

Customize your payment plan after you are approved, choosing financing from 3-12 months.

Enjoy Low Payments & High Quality

Your monthly rate will be available to start with at low payments, and you're on the way to getting the furniture you want.