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Pet-Friendly Furniture Tips

Dog in basket on sofa

You want the best for your furriest member of the fam, and that means having a comfy spot for you both in the house. But can your sofa stand up to dog and cat hair, scratching, jumping, drool, and other mystery substances?? Yes it can! 

Below is our comprehensive guide to finding durable, pet-safe sofas, pet-proofing your piece with the right fabric, and tackling those inevitable accidents to help keep upholstery as clean as can be. Get ready to set up the perfect sofa for you and your partner in cuddling. 

1. Embrace better materials

Father, daughter, and dog on Dekayess Sofa

Here's what we think: what’s not in your furniture is just as important as what is. That's why Medley prioritizes natural, eco-certified, and nontoxic materials whenever possible: we have more to tell on our materials page

2. Start with a sturdy frame

To know if your sofa will really hold up, start from the inside. All the frames on Medley’s sofas and sectionals are made with domestically-sourced Alder hardwood that is corner blocked for strength, and each comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking, breaking, or warping. That’s a win for even the busiest of households and biggest of pups.  

3. Go for pet-friendly fabrics

Dog on blue sofa

Our performance weave, Oeko-Tex 100 Certified fabrics are a great option to start with. Soft, versatile, and durable, some incorporate plant-based or water-based repellants to achieve a high level of repellency, making everyday spills easy to clean. Synthetic fabrics are easier to clean (and keep clean) than natural fibers are, making them one of the best options for pets—keep reading for natural fabric options though, too!

Households with cats and especially shedding dogs can also opt for tight weave fabrics, which are highly durable and less likely to trap pet hair than a heavily textured fabric with a larger weave.

If you own an ultimate fluff ball who sheds all the time, leather is a great choice because you can simply wipe off pet hair and dirt. Beware that leather can scratch easily, though, so not the best option for kitties. Test out any of our fabrics in person by ordering free swatches.  

4. Tackle accidents like a pro

Spills happen, and this guide can tell you about the miracle of blotting, steaming, and vacuuming. 

P.S. if you need more guidance, our free furniture design experts are always happy to help. 

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