white kaydan sofa with green throw blanket

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Angela's (@saffronavenue). Pictured: Mota Chaise Sectional in Texture Oyster


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Which sectional should I choose for my tiny living room? What kind of fabrics hold up against drool and spaghetti stains? Choosing the right furniture takes all kinds of consideration, and we're here to help. Schedule a free design help session for a full consultation, email  us, or chat with us for quick questions.

Get help creating a bright living room corner like Angela's (@saffronavenue).
Mota Chaise Sectional in Texture Oyster

Comfort matching

Let's talk cushion fillings, seat height, and more to find your perfect comfort match.


Talk over that bold shade you want to try or find a durable fabric match for your busy home. 

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Get the measurements for your piece juuuust right and lay out your space with confidence.

Design advice

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Tips + TricksLala Bumper Sectional in light beige fabric

5 Tips to Find The Most Comfortable Couch (Or Sectional!)

Pictured: Lala Bumper Sectional in New Delhi Bleach fabric When shopping for a new sofa, it can be easy to focus on design over comfort. It's helpful to imagine how you want to use your new furn...

Tips + TricksLala Sofa

What Sofa Size Is Best For Me?

Too small and you won’t have the space you need for Netflix binges and afternoon naps. Too big, and you’ll block the traffic and run out of space for the rest of your furniture. So how do you get...

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Meg Christensen's Portland, OR Home

It wasn't her plan, but Portland, OR native Meg Christensen found her 1904 dream-come-true home smack in the middle of the pandemic house-buying frenzy. Meg gives us all the details about settling...

Beige Lala Bumper Sectional in white room with walnut coffee table


Lala Bumper Sectional

Medley fabric and wood swatches laid out on a table


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We choose every fabric and leather for its durability and beauty. Order up to seven free samples before or after your styling session.