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Thoughtfully sourced furniture, handcrafted in California.

Naturally Better

Your home is your cozy little nook of the universe. Whatever you bring into it better be made of good stuff. Here’s what we’re made of (and what we’re not).

What We Make It With


Medley furniture uses premium materials and old school techniques to set a higher standard. Yes, we’re a little (ahem) obsessive about quality.

How We Craft It

"After much searching, I was thrilled to find Medley. As one who prizes top craftsmanship, especially in the organic space, I was delighted with my Ridge chair!"

– Heidi B., Ridge Accent Chair

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No Harsh Chemicals or Fire Retardants

Handcrafted in California

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Made Where We Live, For How We Live

What's Medley all about? Bringing you furniture made of good, clean, sustainable stuff, that’ll be making your home cozy for years to come.

Our Story, Your Story

Fabrics For Real Life

Nice things are great. But you know what’s even better? Nice things you don’t have to keep the kids and animals off of. Discover durable, easy-care fabrics that match with your actual lifestyle (not your best-case-scenario lifestyle).   

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