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Cody and Annie's Light-filled Colorado Mountain House


black nordic-inspired house in the forest

Nestled at the base of Colorado’s Tenmile Range, Annie Graybill and her husband Cody’s dreamy, Scandinavian-inspired home expresses a cozy balance of warm and refined styles. They’re still settling into the space, which took years of dreaming up, drawing plans, and prevailing through snow storms to build. We got a chance to hear all the details from Annie and learn about the home’s thoughtful, custom details, including metalwork from Cody himself. 


Q: Introduce yourselves, however you like :)  

A: Hello! We are Cody and Annie and we recently finished building our first home. We live in Breckenridge, Colorado, where we met and got married, but we’re both originally from back East. Cody is a welder and I (Annie) work in marketing.


nordic home in the snow

Q: What’s it like living in the mountains?

A: Living at 10,000 feet is not for everyone, but we absolutely love our town. We have lived here for close to 12 years now and love the community and small-town feel. Not to mention the plethora of activities right outside our door, with mountain biking being at the top of our list.

Q: Tell us about the process of building your beautiful home.

A: We spent 4 years planning and building our home (and some dreaming before then!). The first two and half summers we spent clearing the land, just the two of us. We also drew up the floor plans during that time, knowing we wanted a small, simple design that utilized every inch of space. 

The build was a test of patience since there is a lot of building going on in our town. Cody acted as the general contractor on the project and did a decent amount of the work, and we both worked full-time throughout the entire process. 

There were days (before the roof was on) where we were shoveling snow out of the house until dark and then Cody would be back again at 4am the next morning. Those rogue September and October snow storms that year will not be forgotten!


blue cabinets and sunny living room

Q: How would you describe the interior style of your home? What inspires it? 

A: The style of our home has a modern, Scandinavian vibe. The roof line we chose really dictated a more modern design and as we got into finish choices I think Cody started to sway even more modern and a bit industrial. Both of us have had a love affair with architecture + home design since we were kids so talking out choices was always really fun.

blumen chaise sectional

 Q: How are you liking your Blumen Chaise Sectional?

A: I ordered our sectional far in advance since I just knew it would be the first thing we’d want when the house was done. This piece couldn’t be more perfect for our space. The low back makes conversation and flow from the kitchen to the living area airy and effortless. We were originally drawn to Medley since what’s most important to us are the eco and non-toxic choices offered. Throughout the house we’ve chosen more eco-conscious and zero VOC options.

Q: Could you tell us about another favorite piece in your home?

A: It’s hard to choose one, but I’m biased and would choose any of the metalwork that Cody has done. In particular the interior railing. It’s unique and sculptural, almost like a piece of art. He’s more critical of his own work and likely would say something about wishing it was sturdier. I can assure you it isn’t going anywhere though!

mesh railing

Q: What’s a favorite memory you’ve had in the house? 

A: Our first night in the house was very surreal and special. I think we both have a great sense of pride in what we have created. It took a lot of sacrifice to come to fruition, so anytime someone sees the house and tells us how much they like it, it means a lot. I’m also 36 weeks pregnant with our first child so I think bringing baby home will also be up there.


sunny living room and bathroom
Q: If you could sum up the feeling of your home in a few words, which would you choose? 

A: A dream. There aren’t many days that go by, even after 6 months, that we don’t look at each other and say this is our house. And we aren’t even finished yet! Outside the frame of these carefully-curated photos are projects and finishing details that need to be completed, but we will get to it eventually. Until then we will be on the couch taking a much needed rest. cody and annie

Thanks so much for sharing your space, Cody and Annie! 

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