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This collection includes newly returned, ready-to-ship furniture that's been cleaned and refreshed to a like-new state, helping us extend the life of these pieces and lower our impact on the planet along the way.

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Lala Sofa (New) Sale price$2,395 Regular price$3,032
Mota Sofa Bed Sale price$2,995 Regular price$5,052
Rio Sofa in Latex Sale price$2,595 Regular price$3,633
Mota Chaise Sectional Sale price$3,295 Regular price$4,085
Rio Plush Corner Sectional Sale price$3,695 Regular price$5,385
Blumen Bumper Sectional and Ottoman Sale price$4,995 Regular price$7,910
Ridge Accent Chair Sale price$1,295 Regular price$2,190
Emilia 2-Door Storage Cabinet Sale price$1,295 Regular price$2,495
Mota Sofa Sale price$1,995 Regular price$3,752
Rio Sofa Bed Armless Sale price$2,495 Regular price$6,035
EIM Chair Sale price$1,295 Regular price$2,383
Kaydan Sofa Sale price$1,495 Regular price$3,472
Bramo Bed in Queen, Latex Sale price$1,495 Regular price$4,348
Rio Ottoman in Latex + Wool Sale price$595 Regular price$869
Lala Sofa Sale price$1,395 Regular price$2,828
Blumen Sofa Sale price$1,895 Regular price$4,018