How we craft our furniture

Sometimes to go forward, you have look back. How did a piece of furniture get made 150 years ago, before mass production, mystery chemicals, and overseas shipping? We wanted our workshop to be more like that (with a few modern tweaks, of course). All our furnishings are built right here in the USA. Each piece is made especially for you when you order it. We think that’s best for a few reasons:

Leather Kirnik Sofa

We stay involved in our day-to-day production and know that the craftsmanship is up to our high standards.

Man slicing through fabric strips

We can support American manufacturing and lower our carbon footprint

We have a deep understanding of the eco materials that go into our furniture (shoutout to our beeswax finish).

White sofa with green throw and low side table

We can tailor any piece to create the perfect size and look for you.

Man cutting long piece of wood

Celebrating the simplicity of craft

Our craftspeople bring every Medley piece to life by hand and with special expertise, continuing a time-honored practice built on skill, patience, and creativity that produces long-lasting, beautiful furniture. 

Twine icon

Feet of natural twine used on our hand-tied spring systems:


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Combined years of experience of our talented production team:


Sewing needle icon

Number of stitches used to create an average-sized sectional:


Collage of hands sewing, sunset in hills, and man lifting up his child
Man lifting up child

Medley doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store. That’s on purpose, so we can keep our prices lower (the cost of renting a retail space isn’t something we want to charge you for). Everything comes right from our hands to your home.