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Liz Eidelman’s Neutral Living Room Haven

Liz Eidelman and her children on white sectional

Pictured: Rio Corner Sectional in Texture Oyster

Liz Eidelman and her family (husband, daughter, and two pups) were recently happily living in a sweet starter home, but with a second baby on the way, it was time to find a space that could comfortably house their crew of 6 for the long-term. 

Their new home in Morris Plains, New Jersey offers just that: plenty of space for all, including their bright, neutral haven of a living room. We talked to Liz about how she brought their vision to life. 

White, light-filled living room with white sectional

Q: Could you give us an introduction?

I've been married to my husband Stephen since 2016 and we have two daughters Indie (3) and Stevie (6 Months)—plus two dogs Zoey & Percy! I have a background in Musical Theater Performance and I'm currently a stay-at-home mom. I was born and raised here in NJ, with a 13-year stint in NYC / Brooklyn for college and thereafter. 

Q: What’s a typical day for you look like? 

Each day is different, and I'm grateful for that flexibility! I'm home with my girls, taking my three year old to various activities, soaking in the little moments with my infant, and creating content for my Instagram! 

Liz Eidelman and her daughters on their white sectional

Q: You moved into your current (beautiful!) space not too long ago–what was that like? 

The move was a wild and crazy ride. I delivered Stevie via unexpected C-Section on 9/21 and we got access to the home (which we owned since June) on 10/15. I was 3 weeks post-op/postpartum and going back and forth to the house to accept furniture deliveries and oversee the renovations which were happening. We finally "officially" moved in two weeks later on 10/30. It's all such a blur. I was also in and out of the hospital with postpartum preeclampsia the first week of October. In hindsight, I genuinely don't know how I did any of it to be honest! Major adrenaline rush I guess! 

Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic, and how do you cultivate it?

I'd say there's quite a bit of bohemian flair happening in my home, all of which is executed in neutral colors. I like to use texture to create an interesting space, rather than lots of color. I learned my lesson on that one, because I used to decorate with a lot of color and ultimately would get sick of things way too quickly. In these spaces that I've been decorating in all neutrals, I feel a sense of tranquility. It's food for thought that a younger me likely enjoyed busy decor because there wasn't a ton of chaos in my life—but now with two young kids and a house full of chaos, nearly 35-year-old Liz is looking to create CALM! 

Accent pillow and corner of sectional in white living room

Q: What was your approach when you started designing your living room? Did anything change from your original vision for the space?

Literally NOTHING changed! I made a Canva mood board of how I wanted the room to look and then I (almost literally) replicated it. When we looked at the home, they had a painting above the fireplace and I knew I'd want to keep the same "look" but add the function of a television so I ordered a Samsung Frame TV the day we closed on the house! 

They also had used the space as a formal living room—and I guess you could say we do the same, since our kids hang out downstairs in the den, but for us we wanted it to feel more like a place you'd actually want to lounge at the end of a long day... so it was important that we find a corner sectional rather than the two facing loveseats the former owners had in the room. The sectional did exactly what I wanted it to. 

White sectional sofa with accent pillows

Pictured: Rio Corner Sectional in Texture Oyster

Q: What made you choose Medley furniture for your home?

I loved how easy it was to customize my sectional! I'm a sucker for little details... so the abundant fabric options and even the ability to change the color on the legs of the couch was huge for me. 

Q: How are you liking your Rio Sectional, and what drew you to it?

We LOVE it. It's seriously gorgeous and equally comfortable. I had a very specific vision for the room and I was drawn to the Rio because of its clean lines. So many of the couches I was looking at had rounded arms, or dark legs, or backs that seemed too high—it was always something, honestly, but this couch checked literally every box. 

Q: Do you have any particular sources for design inspiration?

I actually LOVE Studio McGee and I am so obsessed with her Target line. It's allowed me to stay within a certain aesthetic, and to spend the bulk of my money on really good and long lasting pieces for this home—because the affordability of her line allows me to decorate all the extras with reckless abandon without sacrificing quality where it's really needed. 

Vase of dried flowers and rattan console table

Q: What’s your favorite texture in the room?

Natural cane is one of my favorite textures, period, and I have little pops of it everywhere! In this room specifically, the armchair, the baskets beneath our side console, the doors on our entryway console, even the decorative filler balls in a ceramic bowl have touches of rattan that bring warmth to an otherwise crisp, white space. Runner up would have to be the dried floral pampas grass arrangements that I have throughout my mantle. 

Vase of dried flowers and dog sleeping on white couch

Q: How about a favorite object?

Pretty obsessed with my U-shaped ceramic candlestick holder, which compliments a terracotta donut vase. It's nice to have a place that's high enough to decorate with breakable items!

Q: What’s a silly memory you’ve made in this room?

We hosted our former neighbors for a "Toddler New Year's Eve Bash." Showing them our new space, and watching our kids do a 7pm "ball drop" countdown in silly glasses, licking cupcake icing, jumping for joy on the couch ringing in 2022 (albeit a few hours early) is for sure one for the books! If there's one thing at all we miss from our old house, it's our neighbors whom we've forged a beautiful bond with. Our toddlers are only 6 weeks apart, so being with them in our new home for this occasion was really special. 

Q: How about a very favorite memory in the space?

So far, most definitely our first Christmas morning here. Indie came downstairs bright and early and we all sat on the Rio while we opened presents. We had only been living here two months at the time, and it felt so surreal to be in a dream home with our two kids opening Christmas gifts...I was I really here right now? Is this life? After the absolute chaos of having a baby and moving, the holidays were the best way to begin enjoying not only this space but the home as a whole. 

White living room with balcony and dark table

Q: What's next for this room?

It's honestly 95% complete but the one thing it's missing is some art on the upstairs wall. We just finished a family portrait session and as soon as I get the photos back, I intend on choosing a few to blow up and hang, framed. This room has double height ceilings so seeing the upstairs hallway wall is actually a huge focal point in the room and will tie everything together. I actually made sure our clothing matched all the colors in the room so that when I blow up these photos, they fit in with the space! 

 Q: If you could sum up the feeling of this room in a few words, which would you choose? 

Bright. Open. Comfortable. Texture. Boho.


Thanks so much for the tour, Liz!

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