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Dreamy Mid-century Modern with Angela Mondloch

Angela on her Mota Chaise Sectional
Meet Angela Mondloch: designer, blogger, and brand stylist extraordinaire who you should most definitely be taking styling advice from. Founder of the studio Saffron Avenue, you’ll immediately notice this designer’s talented eye through her handling of composition and color—both in her design work and throughout her home.

If you’re a fan of cozy, neutral tones and modern interiors, you’re in the right place. Angela graciously invited us into her living room to show us how she styled her Mota Chaise Sectionallet’s go take a look.


Mota Chaise Sectional in Texture Oyster Back of Mota Chaise Sectional

Q: Thanks for inviting us into your living room, Angela! Could you tell us about your beautiful home and where you're located? 

A: We are in a smaller town in central Wisconsin and currently about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our new home! We bought it a year ago and have been very busy trying to make it our own. We loved the layout, the neighborhood, and knew it and so much potential. But, each room had two different colors..and no room had the same color. So, our goal has been to make this colorful, builder-grade home feel more custom, timeless, relaxing, and welcoming. 


Mid-century Modern living room with white Mota Chaise Sectional


Q: So lovely! Absolutely welcoming and timeless, yes. How else would you describe the interior style of your home? What inspired (and continues to inspire) it? 

A: I have always loved MCM (Mid-century Modern), ever since college when I snagged a vintage set of dining chairs from a friend who was about to trash them. There is just something about the smoothness and shape of MCM wood furniture that melts my heart. But with that, I'm also a sucker for a beautifully classic Parisian loft full of subtle yet detailed molding, trim, and floors. So, I consider my home to be a 'neoclassical meets mid-century modern' style. Balancing an overall neutral palette with creative and subtle details in the furniture & decor.

Q: How has your Mota Chaise Sectional played into this vision (and how are you liking it)?

A: Umm, I love it! :) The first thing that drew me in was the style. I LOVE the low-profile, deep-seated, MCM-inspired look and feel to it. Then, upon further research, I saw the mission behind Medley that pretty much won me over. I knew if I was going to invest in a new sofa, I couldn't pass up one that was Eco-Friendly, quality crafted, and made to last. I get so many compliments on our sofa and honestly will sit and work on it for hours on end (and not have back pain like our old one)!


White couch with pillows, plus a coffee table and white tulips

Angela’s Mota Chaise Sectional in Texture Oyster


Q: What’s a favorite memory you’ve had in the house?

A: So many in just a year! Getting to do my annual Halloween party, hosting my family Thanksgiving for the first time, and simply turning this house into our home.


Table with lilacs and dog sitting on white sofa
You’ll often find fresh flowers and Angela’s sweet pup, Curry, in the living room

Q: If you could sum up the feeling of your home in a few words, which would you choose? 

A: It just feels right. We moved for the right reasons, we chose this home for the right reasons and we are where we are supposed to be for the right reasons. It's a very calm & happy feeling. 

Thank you so much for sharing, Angela! 

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