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Blumen: The Best Deep Sofa

Blumen Chaise Sectional

Pictured above: Blumen Chaise Sectional in Melton Feather Fabric

Looking for a loungy sofa? Here’s all you need to know about the deep-seat comfort of our Blumen collection, a line of sofas and sectionals that feature ample leg room for all the snuggle-uppers out there. 

Deep sofa measurements: grab that measuring tape

So…how deep is a “deep” seat? 

First, note that seat depth—the front of the seat to the back cushion—is distinct from overall depth, the total distance between the back and front of the sofa. An average sofa’s seat depth ranges from 20 to 24 inches, but you’ll find lots of options beyond this scope. 

Sofas with a shorter seat depth of 20” to 22” tend to do well for folks who like to sit upright. If you prefer to curl up with space to tuck your legs in, though, a sofa with a 24”+ seat depth will do you right: those extra inches are the special ingredient that make our Blumen sofas and sectionals look and feel luxuriously comfy and spacious. Bonus: our Blumen models offer the choice between a seat depth of 24” or extra deep 28”, so you can choose just how loungy you want to get. 

Look, vibe, and customization 

While sofas with shorter seat depths often deliver a more formal or traditional look, that doesn’t mean a deep sofa has to be reserved for informal hangout spaces—and if you’re looking to bring an extra cozy feel to your living room, a deep sectional or sofa could be the perfect way to do it. An ultimate entertainer, Blumen’s wide arms also function as built-in end tables, so everyone has room to rest their arm / drink / noggin. 

Blumen’s piping on the arms complement its tailored, modern shape, and you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and leathers (including natural, cleanable, vegan, and pet-friendly options) and cushion fillings to achieve the look and support you want, including our natural latex + wool or down filling option. Order free fabric samples here!

Find your match

Blumen Sofa

Blumen Sofa : A deep sofa offers a little extra legroom for spaces that can’t accommodate a sectional. Our Blumen Sofa comes in three sizes. Choose from a seat depth of 24" or extra deep 28" option. 

Blumen Bumper Sectional in Deluxe Peacock Fabric

Blumen Bumper Sectional: Our Blumen Bumper Sectional (pictured above in Deluxe Peacock fabric) features a conveniently angled side to lean back (Zzzzzz) and comes in eight total configuration options with a 24" or extar deep 28" seat depth.

Blumen Chaise Sectional in Melton Father fabric

Blumen Chaise Sectional
: Our Blumen Chaise Sectional comes in four total layout options. Choose from a seat depth of 24" or extra deep 28". 

Blumen Corner Sectional
Blumen Corner Sectional: Choose a corner sectional to instantly define space in your living room (and create the comfy zone of your dreams). Pick from twelve total layout options and a seat depth of 24" or extra deep 28". Shown above in Deluxe Wood Fabric.   

Grey Blumen U-Sectional

Blumen U-Sectional: Party time: pile on the fam and friends with ample fluffy comfort. Choose from eight total layouts with a 24” or 28" seat depth.

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