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How to Pick the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

Rio Sofa
Pictured: Rio Sofa

We believe in love at first sit. And with nearly two decades of experience, we’ve gotten pretty dang good at helping folks craft their perfect sofa (that’s always sustainably produced and eco-friendly to boot!). Our sofa shopping guide breaks down exactly what you need to consider when searching for “the one” and, if you need extra support, our free furniture design experts are here to help! 

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Step 1: Do a Little [Sofa] Soul-Searching

Okay, so what is the perfect sofa? The fact of the matter is, that depends on who’s asking. Before beginning the hunt, take a beat to clarify your needs with the following questions:

  • Do you like a cushy tushy situation, or a more firm seat? 
  • Prefer a plush and soft look, or a sleek and straight finish?
  • Are you a snuggle up-er or a sprawler? 
  • A ballpark of the average height and number of people who will use the sofa daily? 
  • Do you want your feet firmly able to touch the floor, or do you tuck them underneath you?
  • What room is this going in? Nab measurements of the full space to determine if a sofa or sectional (or maybe even an XL large sectional!) is what you’re ultimately after. 
  • Are you prone to spills (there’s no shame!), and/or have kiddos and furry friends that could benefit from a stain-resistant fabric?

Step 2: Whip out the Measuring Tape 

When it comes to any sort of decorating, measuring tape really is your best friend. Regardless of the sofa style you’re after (i.e. a more formal and traditional design versus a modern style), the dimensions you need to consider are the same across the board.

Sofa Length: Typical sofas range from 72”- 96,” and the size of your room is really what’s going to determine just how large of a sofa can fit comfortably. Most spaces work best with something in the 72” - 84” range, and a good rule of thumb is to factor in leaving a few feet of space surrounding the sofa for foot traffic. 

Hot tip: Tape out your floor using masking or painter's tape with the exact footprint you'd like to see in your space. This will help you determine what to expect when your sofa arrives. Don't forget to tape out the height of the sofa if you're placing it against a wall.

Seat Depth: Remember that earlier question about how you like to sit? This is where it comes into play! If you tend to sit upright, a sofa with a seat depth between 20” - 22” should feel good. As for all the snuggle up-er’s out there, consider looking for 23” to 28” (like our ultra-loungy Blumen!).

Back Height: This measurement works in tandem with your seat depth. The deeper the seat, the lower the back can typically be since it’s designed for ultra-relaxed lounging. Alternatively, a more shallow seat depth needs to be balanced out with additional back support, and we can guide you to your “just right” fit.

Arm Height: For all the couch nappers out there (so, all of us?!), arm height is crucial to consider. An arm height between 7”-9” measured from the top of the seat cushion is a sweet spot for most folks, but we help you determine when and why you might want to opt for something else.

Step 3: Consider Cushions 

No one wants to get caught in the crack! Here’s a few quickie considerations on how many cushions to go with, and which kind will suit you best:

Two Cushion Bliss: One of the most popular choices aesthetically, this option is great for two, and also happily sits a cozy four. 

Three Please: A spacious choice for three, this option can also comfortably fit six if you’re committed to snuggling up!

More: Consider a sectional  if you're looking for plenty of space to pile on the crew.

Step 4: Have Fun With Details 

When you shop for a sofa with Medley, the customization options don’t just end with dimensions. We offer a wide range of fabrics and leathers (including natural, cleanable, vegan, and pet-friendly options), leg options, and cushion fillings to suit your needs.

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