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Tour Amanda Cedergreen's Cozy Modern Farmhouse

Amanda's living room

Pictured: Ridge Chairs in walnut wood and Texture Oyster fabric. Meera Sofa in Haberdasher Needle fabric.


Warm, comfy, and traditional with a contemporary spin, Amanda Cedergreen’s home is a beautiful expression of the modern farmhouse aesthetic that’s been taking the design world by storm. 

If you’re new to this style and thinking that "modern" and "farmhouse" sound like opposites, you’re in for a treat. Cedergreen, who lives in Washington with her husband, two boys, and two dogs (and has a daughter away at college), cozies up her bustling home with layers, texture and color that feel welcoming and lived in. She was gracious enough to show us how she brings it all together–let’s go see.


Amanda Cedargreen's House


“My husband and I designed our home, and my husband built it all by himself (while working full time…it took about 18 months),” Amanda says, “so we were able to add all our own ideas.”


Amanda Cedargreen's farmhouse hallway


Amanda’s kitchen is one of her favorite rooms in her home, and a perfect example of the old-meets-new modern farmhouse style. “Our home has a lot of wood elements…I would call it a little bit cozy rustic and a little bit modern farmhouse,” she says.


Amanda in her farmhouse kitchen


At the same time, cooler textures and tones carry a significant presence through the space: “I love our concrete countertops,” she notes. 


Amanda Cedargreen's modern farmhouse living room

Pictured: Ridge Chairs in walnut wood and Texture Oyster fabric 

Modern farmhouse design developed, in part, as a response to minimalist trends that reigned supreme in the 90’s and early 2000s. It’s a look that’s about embracing tradition, and, perhaps most importantly, one that simply feels comfortable and works well. Form meets function here—a useful mix for a busy family like Amanda’s. 

“I’m currently homeschooling my youngest child so my mornings are busy with him,” Amanda says. “The rest of my days are spent getting everything else done around the house as well as being a chauffeur for my boys and getting them wherever they need to be!”


Amanda Cedargreen's modern farmhouse living room featuring Ridge Chairs and Meera Sofa


“I love how cozy my living room is,” Amanda tells us. Goodness, do we agree—what a lovely neutral palette she has going on. And ohhh, those high ceilings! A rustic dream. 

Ridge chairs in walnut wood

Pictured: Ridge Chairs in walnut wood and Texture Oyster fabric 

On choosing a Meera Sofa and pair of Ridge Chairs for this space, Amanda notes how they “give off a simple yet sleek look…the chairs and sofa are all beautiful pieces and I love the look of them together. I've received so many compliments."


Meera Sofa in Haberdasher Needle Fabric

Pictured: Meera Sofa in Haberdasher Needle Fabric


Amanda Cedargreen's modern farmhouse living room


We’re a fan of how Amanda places her chairs facing the sofa: balanced and conversational, this living room layout makes for a perfect setup when entertaining—it’s plenty of seating, and with a coffee table in the center, everyone has a spot to place a drink (not unique to modern farmhouse design, but worth pointing out). 

With this arrangement you can also easily adjust how relaxed you’d like the space to feel by either matching or mixing up your chairs: in Amanda’s case, we think matching chairs really help her strike that balance between clean lines and a relaxed atmosphere. 


Amanda Cedargreen's modern farmhouse bedroom


Amanda’s distinct style and sense of balance even works its way into the bedroom: emphasis on balance here! “My husband built our bed—I wanted it to look like a swing without actually swinging! He’s very handy and was able to bring my vision to life.” 


Amanda Cedargreen's modern farmhouse living room featuring a grey Meera Sofa with blue throw pillows


When asked to describe her home in just a few words, “cozy with a bit of simplicity” is how she responds. On how she finds inspiration, Amanda mentions that she’s “always been a fan of Joanna Gaines…I also get design ideas from Instagram—so many talented people have beautiful homes and inspiration [to share].”

She must know, of course, her place in that pool of inspiration, which she gives back in abundance on the platform: follow @lifeamongthecedars to enjoy more of her cozy home. Thanks for showing us around, Amanda! 

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