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3 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Lindsay Brown reclining on her Kaydan Sofa

Pictured above: Kaydan Sofa in Texture Oyster, courtesy @lindseabrown

With every new year comes an exciting rush of predictions from interior designers about what’s trending in the home space. While we always recommend investing in pieces that transcend fleeting fads (the best option for the environment), we noticed some ideas this year that we think are here to stay...for the better. 

For our research we had fun diving into reports by Architectural Digest, Pinterest, 1st Dibs, House Beautiful, and The Spruce. Each surveyed designers and / or tracked data to identify these 2022 trends, three of which showed up on each list. Let’s check them out!

1. Design for comfort and wellness
Blumen sectional

Picture above: Blumen Chaise Sectional in Melton Feather Fabric

2022 is all about prioritizing ease, health and wellness in our designed spaces. A big drive for this, of course, comes from another pandemic year where we’re all needing to think about personal health. Not surprisingly, many designers working on commercial spaces have reported an uptick in distance-friendly design projects for 2022. As for those working from home more than before, there’s also the need for spaces to just work, be relaxing, and be livable. 

Pinterest also reported increased searches for what they’ve designated “emotional escape rooms” at home—from “home massage rooms” to “tiny library rooms,” we’re looking for special places to decompress. 

Our favorite shift among this growing interest in spaces for wellness? A rise in searches and requests for safe, sustainable materials. From chemical-free, eco-friendly furniture (hey, that’s us!) to low-VOC paint, we know this "trend" won't to stay a trend. 

2. A renewed interest in color, especially green 

Pictured above: Kaydan Sofa in Canopy Mushroom

Most reports offered a 2022 palette prediction that included a resurgence in color (yay!)—and especially green. From “jungle-inspired hues” to olive to moss to emerald, expect to see this color everywhere. We’ve noticed this interest at Medley, too, with a rise in orders for furniture in refreshing fabric shades like Smart Thyme (pictured below). 

Pictured above: Gio Sofa in Smart Thyme

Why this color? It’s never easy to pinpoint a trend, but Architectural Digest offers a guess: 

Research shows that natural color schemes...found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier,” says Michelle Lamb, editorial director at The Trend Curve.” If science says the shade may calm us down, we’re here for it. 

Love the color, but not sure if you’re ready to fully commit to green furniture? Go small with accent pillows, paint, or other decor that’s easy to swap, recycle, or switch up without adding to a landfill. 

3. Biophilic design
Farmer Nick with is Walt Dresser and Palder Bed

Pictured above: Walt Dresser and Palder Bed in Maple, courtesy @farmernick

Speaking of soothing greens, let’s talk plants! Nearly every report pointed to an interest in biophilic design, the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments. 

We’re bringing the outdoors in with potted trees, serious homegrown plant propagation, natural materials like wood and stone, and plant imagery all over: “We inherently have a connection to outdoor spaces and often find inspiration in nature. Increasingly, we’re finding ways to bring that natural beauty indoors with botanical wallpapers and hand-painted nature-inspired murals, as well as potted plants, trees and vertical gardens,” designer Laura Hodges tells 1st Dibs

So, what do you think? If these trends are resonating, or if you have other ideas for your space, we can help guide your vision with a free design consultation here.  

Want to see all the trends? The complete lists are here:
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