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Living Room Closeup with Lindsay Brown


Lindsay's pick: Kaydan Sofa in Texture Oyster 

It’s a joy to lay eyes upon the serene, elegant work of Lindsay Brown, an interiors photographer whose work has been featured in the likes of VOGUE, Sezane, The Citizenry, and more. She captures spaces with a recognizable clarity and beautiful understanding of how light falls in corners and upon objects and textures.

Lindsay recently relocated from NYC to Austin, TX and is in the beginning stages of re-decorating a 1930’s home. She’s been conscious to buy pieces that are safe for her family and better for the environment, whether that be new or vintage. In the midst of this process she graciously invited us to see how she styled her living room and Kaydan sofa—let’s take a look!

We love the attention to detail in your photography—you capture design moments across a room so beautifully—so it’s fitting that we’re focusing on design details for this tour of your living room. Let’s dive right in: what’s your favorite corner in the space?

It’s not a corner of the room I love but the center of it—our marble coffee table. I spent many months searching for the perfect piece for this room and I just love how it pulls everything together. It is a vintage find from Chairish.


Kaydan Sofa


How would you describe your design aesthetic, and how do you cultivate it?

I really like mixing textures and infusing warm tones wherever I can. For me it’s been a matter of taking my time finding pieces I love and leaning into the process of the hunt.



Did anything change from your original vision for the space?

This room is in its third iteration, and we have only lived in our home for a year. Originally, I wanted it to feel like a sunroom, but it has organically taken on a more formal feel. The space is a bit awkward on it’s own and while it serves as our family room, it is also a catch-all for everything that comes off when we come in from the backyard. The juxtaposition of the formality while occasionally acting as a temporary mudroom somehow works. It’s all still a work in progress.

How does your space reflect you/your family/hobbies?

Nearly every object displayed in this space is an antique or gift—these objects hold the memories of travels, special life events, or a particular state of mind. I love to wonder “if this room could talk…”

What made you choose Medley furniture for your home?

Knowing that this would be the piece we spend the most time on, I was specifically looking for something organic and non-toxic. When I discovered Medley, I was sold! The quality and attention to design are the icing on the cake. This is a piece we will have for many years to come.


Kaydan Sofa


How are you liking your Kaydan Sofa, and what drew you to it?

I love this sofa! It’s extremely comfortable. And if I’ve learned anything in the several iterations of this room, it’s that this sofa is extremely versatile. Its curves make it feel grown up and sophisticated, yet it fits in beautifully to a casual setting.

Kaydan Sofa

What are some other favorite spots to shop for your home?

Chairish, CB2, Etsy, 1stDibs, Lulu and Georgia, and local antique shops.

What’s a favorite texture in the room?

We had grasscloth wallpaper in our last home and have such an affinity for it. We knew we wanted to use it again in this home, and this room felt like the perfect fit. The walls in here used to be white. The grasscloth has added so much dimension and I appreciate the warmth it brings to the space.


Dark desk with grass wallpaper


How about a favorite object?

I’m really drawn to the rich color of the green vessel that sits on our bookshelves. It’s such a simple piece, but one that I bought on a trip in New Mexico with my mom. It’s extremely fragile and I held my breath that it would make the trip home in a suitcase. Lucky for me, it’s still in one piece and remains a favorite.


A favorite color or pattern?

I gravitate toward darker colors. When we moved in, the bookshelves were royal blue. We painted them Burnt Ember by Benjamin Moore and love the depth it brings to the room.

Does your work influence your decisions, and what or who do you look to for inspiration?

Very much so! I am surrounded by beautiful design for my work and it has completely changed the way I look at a space, making me much more conscious of the many details that go into making it feel complete. I still have a tremendous amount to learn.

What’s a favorite memory you’ve had in the space?

So many! But more recently, we have been hosting friends and family—it feels like such a gift to be doing that again. There is nothing better to me than seeing how other people take to this space. What they gravitate toward, how they use it, and what piques their interest.

If you could sum up the feeling of this room in a few words, which would you choose?

Inviting, Homey, and Layered 

Kaydan sofa

Thanks so much to Lindsay for the tour! Check out Lindsay's Kaydan Sofa here (hers is in Texture Oyster) and find her beautiful work at her website,

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