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What Makes a Sofa Durable?

Rio Sofa

Pictured above: Rio Sofa in Texture French Blue fabric

Nap spot, tv-binge locale, guest bed, desk, trampoline? However your sofa functions in your home, this high-traffic area needs good bones to withstand the rigors of daily life. 

Some drop serious bucks on this living room centerpiece without understanding what goes into well-made furniture, while others settle for low-quality pieces that need to be replaced every few years. We think that’s a bummer, so we put together some advice to make sure you’re investing in a high-quality, durable sofa (and not just an expensive one). The secrets lie in these five components: frame, suspension, filling, fabric, and finish work. If you ensure each of these are up to par, you’ve found yourself a keeper. Let’s explore.

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#1: Kiln-dried, hardwood frames


Let’s start with your sofa’s foundation: the frame. Rule #1: long-lasting sofa frames should be made of kiln-dried hardwood—oak, ash, alder, and beech all work. Drying the wood in a kiln removes up to 95% of the moisture, which prevents the frame from warping or bowing. Cheaper frames made from softwoods like pine can’t help but warp over time, and frames made of particle board, plastic, or metal are prone to cracking and deforming: avoid!

Joint construction also contributes to frame durability. Look for frames made of wooden dowels, metal screws, or brackets, plus “corner blocks” (these are extra pieces of wood placed at an angle and screwed into place on the sofa frame’s corners for extra stability). Staples or nails may be present for extra reinforcement, but never buy a sofa that's held together solely by staples, nails, or glue.


#2: High-quality suspension systems

a Medley builder installing a hand-tied spring system

Pictured above: a Medley builder installing a hand-tied spring system

The springs of a couch not only absorb shock, but also determine the comfort and firmness of the sofa seat. 

Medley's hand-tied, arch suspension system expands on traditional sinuous spring systems by using higher quality heavy gauge springs as a foundation. We then nod to traditional 8-way, hand-tied coil spring systems by using twine to hand-tie our springs together in a unique pattern, creating a suspension system that offers optimal support. Medley uses this proprietary technique on all our frames to provide a truly supportive, comfortable structure that prevents sagging and squeaking.


#3: Resilient cushion fillings

natural latex and wool furniture cushion

Foam: let’s get comfy and squishy (but not saggy) with it!

Many sofa seat cushions on the market are made of foam, but that foam varies greatly in quality. High-resilience foams are known for their comfort, responsiveness, and ability to retain shape over time. At Medley, we offer two versions of high-density foam: a poly foam certified by CertiPUR-US® (the cleanest synthetic choice we can find on the market) and GOLS-certified organic plant-based latex foam wrapped in wool for softness—keep reading for a breakdown on both types. 

CertiPUR-US®-certified poly foam is made from polyurethane, a porous synthetic resin with an open cellular structure that allows it to be flexible and lightweight. This foam is among the cleanest synthetic foams on the market, with low VOC emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). It also consistently screened for relevant chemicals, including fire retardants, that are classified as carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins and are harmful to human health. This material provides a medium-sit and holds its shape for the long term. 

GOLS-certified organic plant-based latex: The word "latex" sounds plasticky and artificial, but it’s one of the most natural, breathable, durable, and sustainable materials available for foam. It comes from the sap of rubber trees and features durable spring-back to maintain its shape for 20+ years. Sounds pretty good, right? The goodness keeps going: get to know all our other materials here.

Down + Feathers: Down filling is popular for creating a luxe look and feel. Keep in mind that it’s normal for down filling to shift, and that the cushions will need to be fluffed on occasion to keep their shape. Check that your sofa cushions are constructed with baffling, a design that uses vertical walls of fabric to regulate the movement of the down filling and help keep it in place. 


#4: Fabrics that can stand up to spills, stains, pets, and kids!

Blumen Sofa
Pictured above: Blumen Sofa  with Sino Coffee Table, Voya Side Table, and 4-Door Emilia Credenza

Durable, cleanable fabrics will keep your sofa from needing to be replaced every few years. 

Durability: In general, tight-weave fabrics with a high rub count stand up best to abrasion: look for a rub count of 30,000 and up as this is considered commercial grade. A lower rub count works if you’re considering a performance weave fabric, which tends to be synthetic—more on that below. Leather can weather years of use; scratches and scuffs can usually be rubbed right out with a clean, dry, soft cloth.

Synthetic v. natural fabrics: Synthetic fabrics are generally easier to clean (and keep clean) than natural fibers, making them a great option if you have kids or pets. Synthetic fabrics at Medley are Greenguard Gold Certified or OEKO-TEX® Certified, meaning they’ve been tested for VOC emissions and high product safety. 

If you’re looking for a natural weave, we’ve got options there, too—from durable, airy linen to cozy cotton slub fabrics (if you’re wondering, “slub” is yarn that has thick and thin areas to create a natural, textured look). Many of these are also machine 👏  washable 👏—woo!

Texture: A couple options: if you’re worried about pet nails, toys, or whatever else that could catch and tear the weave, go for subtle to minimal textures that won’t be at their mercy. If dirt and spills are more your problem, texture is great for hiding spotting and discoloration.

Color: Darker shades are a safer choice, we’ll admit. If you’re set on a lighter shade, you might considering opting for a performance fabric with liquid-repellant features. On Medley’s fabric swatches page, you’ll find many options that incorporate Fibreguard yarn or a plant-based water repellent to lock out liquids. 

Tip: look for our durability icons (puppies and bubbles) on our swatches page to head straight for our most durable, kid-friendly (and pet-friendly 😊) fabrics. 


#5: Craftsmanship and finish work

Kirnik Corner Sectional

Pictured above:
Kirnik Corner Sectional

A high-quality sofa that’s been thoughtfully constructed by professional craftspeople is more likely to last and look and feel amazing from top to bottom—no question there. Every piece at Medley is handcrafted in the USA and made to order using top-of-the-line materials. You’ll always find unique, handcrafted details from the inside out on our products, like the tailored piping on our Kirnik model. 

We hope you'll love these details forever—and to back up that claim, we offer several warranties: a lifetime warranty on our frames, a 10-year warranty on fillings, and a 5-year warranty on fabric upholstery. 


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