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Customer Stories: @FarmerNickNYC

Wish you had a green thumb, but don’t think you have the skills (or space) to make that dream come true? We know someone who can help…



Meet Nick Cutsumpas, an author, content creator, and apartment farmer (yes, you read that right!) also known as @FarmerNickNYC. He works to give people the knowledge and confidence they need to create their own green spaces and, through doing so, hopes to spark a broader communal interest in regenerative environmental action. He’s also our new neighbor! 

Cutsumpas recently moved to Los Angeles, and we were thrilled to help him settle into his new home with our Walt Dresser and Palder Bed in maple wood. Now that he’s had time to unpack, we caught up with Nick to talk decorating, sustainable living, and plant care tips. 

Q: First things first! How are you liking your Walt Dresser and Palder Bed?!

A: My living situation has honestly never felt better. This is the first room that I’ve designed as an adult living on my own, [and] everything about these pieces is so clean and thoughtful.


Q: Can you elaborate on why you chose these pieces specifically, as well as Medley in general?

A: I chose the Walt Dresser because I wanted this piece to serve multiple functions in my space aside from just storing clothes. As someone who works from home (even before the pandemic) having a workspace is critical to productivity, and I’ve turned the dresser into a standing desk during the day.

The bed was necessary because I had never owned a bed frame before. Now that I have such a stunning bed frame, I use that as the centerpiece for many of my plant photo compositions.

Partnering with a sustainable brand for custom furniture was my top priority when moving to LA. Building an environmentally and ethically conscious life is difficult, and it is a privilege to know who is making your goods and what they are making them out of. Transparency is key, and so few of us take the time to pause and think about where their furniture is made. With this in mind, it was an easy decision to work with a small, family-owned business like Medley. 

Q: Tips on the best plants to have by your bedside and/or dresser?

A: I love plants that will be low maintenance by the bed. You don’t want something that drops old leaves frequently or needs a ton of moisture / constant watering. A sansevieria, zz or dracaena are ideal because they only need watering once every 3-4 weeks. The snake plant is particularly great because it produces and releases oxygen at night, making it ideal for improving sleep quality. 

Q: Any cool new projects you’re cooking up? 

A: I’m in the early stages of writing a book! The book will discuss how to be a plant parent in an urban environment and what we can do as plant parents to shift our perspective and start viewing our home as an ecosystem. I’m also working on a secret TV project this July, but can’t say much about that. 


Thanks for your time, Nick! We love your mission and how Medley fits in. If you’d like to learn more about Nick and his services, head to his blog

Editor’s Note: edited for brevity 

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