6 Best Colors for Painting a Nursery

There are a lot of considerations with home decor. What style sofa should I get? How big of a dining table do we need? And if you’re expecting a baby, you’ve probably given a bit of thought to what color you’ll paint the nursery. Did you know that, according to color psychologists, using certain nursery colors, such as bright red or yellow, can affect babies’ moods, sleep patterns and even how much they eat?

Color can transform a room interior dramatically but for babies, ideally, you want to choose a color on the spectrum that is calm, restful and nurturing. We’ve sourced six of the best colors that are suitable for baby room decor.

1. Subtle Blues

Soft, calming and restful, light and medium shades of blue are said to aid in relaxing both body and mind. Darker shades of blue tend to have the opposite effect so avoid these.

Blue can act as a salve to calm anxiety and lower heart rate, it is also a cooling color which is good for helping babies cool down and get off to sleep. Blue is a classic color for a baby boy’s nursery, the following shades are a safe bet:

  1. Powder blue
  2. Aqua
  3. Pale turquoise
  4. Duck egg
  5. Periwinkle

2. Nurturing Greens

Bring nature into your nursery design by painting the walls a nurturing shade of green. Green has been given the thumbs up for nursery colors for its association with health and well-being, and it is said to improve concentration and reading ability. Like blue you should opt for a light to medium color for the greatest nurturing effect.

Green is a gender neutral choice, some of the best shades include:

  1. Sage
  2. Apple
  3. Olive
  4. Moss
  5. Mint
  6. Sea foam
  7. Aquamarine
  8. Wintergreen

3. Feminine Pinks / Elegant Purples

Pink is a go-to choice for a baby girl’s nursery helping to give it a cozy and warm ambiance. It can turn into a pink overload if you use pink paint on the walls, and pink for the accessories. Be sure to balance it out with white or neutrals and choose a lighter shade, otherwise it could end up looking garish.

If you want something different, and a more gender neutral color, then purple can work for both sexes. Although purple is not as common for baby nursery ideas it’s become more popular recently. Long associated with royalty, the right shade of purple can transform a baby’s room into a fabulous contemporary space. Why not try these pink/purple colors:

  1. Pastel pink
  2. Peach pink
  3. Baby pink
  4. Lavender
  5. Lilac

4. Earth Inspired Neutrals

If you love earthy neutrals, but aren’t sure if they’re right for a nursery design, think again. Earthy neutral shades are actually on trend as they’re very calming and grounding for babies, giving their eyes a rest so they’re ready for sleep. Sustainability is also a hot topic and you may wish to deck out your eco friendly nursery with nature-inspired organic accessories to tie in with your theme.

An earthy nursery based on the following colors also gives you the chance to introduce brighter details in your accessories:

  1. Taupe
  2. Light beige
  3. Light tan
  4. Chocolate brown

5. Soothing Whites

An all white nursery is a bit clinical and boring, not to mention prone to stains! But creamy white walls can be the basis for a shabby chic decor with rustic furniture, soft furnishings and vintage glam accessories. White is the perfect backdrop for a soothing haven for your little one, but steer clear of harsh blue whites and go for creamier shades that won’t overstimulate:

  1. Soft ivory
  2. Antique white
  3. Pearl white
  4. Cream
  5. Vanilla

6. Contemplative Grays

Gray is the perfect modern neutral, and can be matched with almost any other colors to brighten it up. Used as a base, it means that you don’t have repaint as your child grows up, you can simply swap out furniture and accessories. In terms of color psychology, gray is a calming color and promotes contemplation.

Light or medium gray is a sensible choice, and doesn’t have to be boring when paired with accents such as white, pink or purple pastels, green, gold etc. Walls clad in gray also make ideal backdrops for nursery themes or decals of stars, stripes, trees or animals.

  1. Light blue gray
  2. Dove gray
  3. Silver gray

There you have it, six best nursery colors to help narrow down the endless choices out there! When planning baby room decor take your time and do your research, and explore all the nursery design options. Don’t just go with what’s in fashion or how you think you should decorate a nursery. After all you have to like the color too as you’ll be spending a lot of time in the room with your little one. Getting it wrong will mean a lot of extra expense and energy if you decide you need to repaint.

Author’s Bio: Angela Pearse is a blogger for Zumper who frequently combines travel with freelance writing. She’s passionate about Art Deco hotels, historical novels, Netflix, hiking and healthy living.