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Reimagining comfort with plant-based foam

Our eco alternative to oil-based foam leaves behind mystery chemicals and off-gassing. But that's not all. Here's why these natural materials are better...

Pictured: Rio Sofa

1. Healthier for you and your family

Maybe you eat organic food or use natural cleaning products at home. How clean is the furniture you sit on everyday? Unlike the crude oil-derived synthetic foams you'll find in a typical sofa, we prioritize natural and eco-certified materials to build our furniture, including certified organic plant-based latex foam, wool, FSC-Certified hardwoods, jute, and cotton.

Pictured: Tapping natural latex from a rubber tree

2. Less harm to the environment

Synthetic furniture foam, which is typically derived from petroleum, accounts for 105 million tons of annual CO2 emissions globally.

That's why we offer biodegradable natural latex foam and wool to minimize our impact and emissions. If your furniture ever ends up in a landfill, it'll break down with less harm done than furniture with a high synthetic composition.

We offset every purchase by donating more trees than we use to build each piece of furniture.

Pictured: Kaydan Chair

3. Soft-yet-supportive comfort

Our certified organic latex foam cushion provides a plush, incredibly comfy sit. As a second comfort layer, we wrap each cushion in an envelope of lofted, cushy wool fiber for soft, sink-in comfort. How does it feel? Similar to down, but with a more resilient structure (no fluffing needed) and more support.

Person building a Medley sofa frame by hand and affixing a natural jute lining.

4. Lasting shape + durability

We do everything possible to make sure your furniture will last and hold its shape over time. Our team of skilled builders use time-honored methods to make our pieces durable from the inside out, starting with our tough, kiln-dried furniture frames with a lifetime-warranty.

The latex foam in our cushions features impressive spring-back to maintain its shape for 20+ years of support, paired with wool fiber that holds its shape better than polyester or down.

Pictured: Rio Sofa

5. Oops-proof

We take extra care to source high-quality, cleanable fabrics that can live up to your everyday. Start making your vision real: order free swatches here.

96% of customers would recommend

“ of the few nontoxic and safe furniture makers. I scoured the internet, and by far they are above and beyond competition when it comes to design and quality.”



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"Perhaps the most sustainably-made sofa on the market"

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