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4 Reasons to Opt for Medley's Durable Sofas

A busy home needs comfy furniture that holds up—and holds its shape—for the long term. Medley with the assist.

Spilling. Smearing. Jumping. Catapulting. Raise your hand if these verbs happen in your living room! We understand that when you have kids, pets, or simply a busy life, durability and wear become key factors behind most new sofa shopping decisions.
Small children snuggled up under a blanket in Medley's Kaydan Chair

1. Built for life

We do everything possible to make sure your furniture will last and stand up to your everday. This starts with our team of skilled builders who use time-honored methods to make our pieces durable and hold their shape over time.

To support those moments when your sofa magically morphs into a trampoline or hot lava rocks, our domestically-sourced hardwood frames are corner blocked for strength and come with a lifetime warranty against cracking, breaking, or warping. won't need to replace your furniture for many, many years. A win for even the busiest of households.

dog sitting on white sofa

2. Oops-proof fabrics

Our beautiful fabric collections are all cleanable (several are even machine-washable), and our toughest performance fabrics contain plant-based liquid repellants. Nearly all of our fabrics also test higher than commercial grade limits, meaning they can withstand being placed in the middle of a busy mall and still hold up.

If you own an ultimate fluff ball who sheds all the time, leather is a great choice because you can simply wipe off pet hair and dirt. Beware that leather can scratch easily, though, so not the best option for kitties. You can test out any of our fabrics in person by ordering free swatches.  

cotton lining and wool filling

3. Healthier for you and your family

We take utmost care in selecting what goes into our furniture, and ultimately, your home. We consider each layer from the inside out—the frame to the upholstery fabric—with third-party certification partners who help us source materials that are better for our environment. Some of include:

4. Comfy for everyone

We've made every design, construction, and material choice to deliver long-lasting, luxe comfort to your home. We craft each piece by hand to your specifications—at Medley, we care about helping you find your comfy ideal—and best of all? Our 30-day trial ensures that you'll love how your furniture feels.


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"Perhaps the most sustainably-made sofa on the market"

-House Beautiful

96% of customers would recommend

“Our friends and family told us we were crazy to get an (admittedly pricey) all white couch with two dogs and a baby on the way....we have wiped off paw prints and baby spit up with just a wet cloth, and the sectional looks like new. The large L-shape makes it easy for us to imagine fitting a whole future family on one couch together.”