Eco-friendly furniture from Medley is designed for a healthy planet, and a healthy home.

Eco wool

Natural & Recycled Materials

Using nature's purest, in a responsible way.

All natural, from the inside out.

100% natural latex.

Eco wool and organic cotton.

Locally sourced woods.

Recycled fabrics and reclaimed woods.

Little house

No Fire Retardants or Harsh Chemicals

To make your home a healthier place.

No fire retardants or Teflon.

Zero VOC wood finishes.

Natural linseed oils and waxes.

Organically grown materials.

Tape measurer

Hand Crafted In The U.S.A.

Reducing carbon footprint and increasing quality.

Able to monitor all materials being used.

Responsible manufacturing practices.

Using domestic materials.

And the eco-friendly furniture has been featured by leaders in sustainability.

New York Times

New York Times

Modern house

Yannell House

Eco home

Project 710


Dwell House

Eco Fabulous



Modern living room

Wired House




Sofa Beds & Sleeper Sectionals

Benches & Stools

Beds & Headboards

Dining Tables

Dining Chairs

Custom Storage

Coffee & End Tables