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Coastal Bed + Bath Tour with Kirsten Barentsen

Step into Kirsten Barentsen's bright, beachy abode tucked in the dreamy Spanish moss and costal charm of Savannah, GA. Kirsten sat down to tell us about her three cozy bedrooms (and bonus renovated bath)—including how she chose and styles her comfy Bramo Bed (P.S: keep an eye out for a full home tour coming this fall!). 

Kirsten holding her childHi, Kirsten! Can you give us an introduction?
My name is Kirsten Barentsen, and I'm a mother to two boys. Together with my husband, we call the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia our home. Living here is like stepping into a storybook filled with history and charm. One of the things we absolutely adore about Savannah is its proximity to the water. Being able to enjoy the calming presence of the nearby beaches is truly a blessing.

As for my interests, I find immense joy in various things. Home design is a true passion of mine, and I love creating spaces that reflect our family's unique style and personality. There's something magical about transforming a house into a warm and inviting space. Alongside my love for home design, I've discovered an appreciation for baking, particularly the art of sourdough baking. There's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked bread filling our kitchen!

Content photography and creation have become an integral part of my life. Through this creative outlet, I have the opportunity to capture precious moments and curate visual stories that resonate with others. It's an incredibly rewarding experience to share glimpses of our family's journey and inspire others along the way. Another facet of our lives that brings us great joy is homeschooling. We've embraced the wonderful adventure of educating our boys at home, tailoring their learning experiences to their unique strengths and interests. It's an incredible privilege to witness their growth and foster a love for learning within them. And of course, we can never resist the allure of beach days here!

Kirsten's children playing on floor

You have such a light and airy aesthetic. How would you describe your vision for your space?
My vision and design aesthetic are inspired by the beauty of nature and the serenity it brings. Drawing from the tranquility of the beach and the calming coastal vibes, I aim to create a space that embraces a sense of openness and brightness. I also find inspiration in Japanese and Scandinavian influences which embrace minimalist design and a serene, understated elegance. The combination of these styles focus on clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. Ultimately, my goal is to create spaces that feel like a breath of fresh air. I believe that a well designed home should be a sanctuary.

Tell us more about your breezy ocean / beachside theme.
It's a theme that holds a special place in my heart and resonates deeply with my personal background and experiences. I grew up in Orange County, California, where the beach culture and the ocean were an integral part of my life. I also grew up competitively surfing. These memories and the love I developed for the beach culture have inspired my design choices. I find joy in creating a space that emulates the atmosphere that brought me so much happiness.

What made you choose Medley furniture for your primary bedroom? 
Medley's aesthetic appeal was undeniable and immediately caught my eye. I love the attention to detail and craftsmanship showcased in Medley's designs. From the thoughtfully chosen materials to the impeccable construction, every element reflects a commitment to quality and beauty. The dedication to sustainable practices is something that resonates deeply with us and makes our choice of Medley even more meaningful.

Bramo Bed in Smart Pure fabric

How are you liking your Bramo Bed?
The Bramo Bed specifically has become one of the coziest and most cherished spots in our entire home. The design and construction of the Bramo Bed is truly exceptional. It’s the perfect centerpiece for our bedroom. Choosing this piece—and Medley—was an easy decision for us. The brand's commitment to quality, eco friendly practices, and timeless design resonated deeply with our values and vision for our bedroom.

Bramo Bed in Smart Pure fabric Bramo Bed by Medley, art by Idyll Collective, sheets by Simply Organic, throw by Palermo House, shell pillow by Moi Mili, pillow shams by Coastal Boho Studio

Name some favorite objects in your bedrooms.
In our bedroom, alongside the Bramo Bed, one of my absolute favorites is the organic bamboo sheets made by Simply Organic. They add a luxurious touch and an extra level of comfort to our bed.

Dried floral arrangement

I also adore incorporating a dried floral arrangement into our bedrooms to add an organic element and promote a peaceful ambiance. What else? In my son Phoenix's room, we added an amazing neutral, wavy wallpaper by Love vs. Design. I love that it’s playful and unique! The large surf prints in his room are another favorite. 

Phoenix jumping on his bed

How do you think about combining beauty and function in these rooms?
This is definitely a focus because of our two pets and two children. I consider materials and finishes that are pet-friendly and kid-proof, allowing us to embrace our daily routines without sacrificing the elegance of our spaces 

This consideration ensures that our spaces remain both aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the inevitable spills, playful activities, and pet companionship that bring joy to our home.

Coast's bedroom

Do you have any other brands, designers, artists, or ideas that inspired these spaces?
Oh, definitely! Sustainability and the well-being of my family are essential considerations when it comes to choosing brands and products for our spaces. I'm particularly drawn to brands that prioritize environmentally friendly materials and steer clear of harmful chemicals. It's important to me that the products we bring into our home are not only visually appealing but also promote a healthy living environment.

In terms of design inspiration, I really admire the work of Three Birds Renovations out of Australia, and also love Becki Owens. Their expertise in creating beautiful and functional spaces resonates with my own design philosophy. Drawing inspiration from their projects has helped shape the vision for our own spaces.

Another artistic influence that has caught my attention is the captivating art style of Matisse Cut Outs. The simplicity and boldness of his work resonate deeply with me. I'm drawn to the organic shapes and the way they effortlessly communicate a sense of joy and creativity. My husband is also a talented artist and I can’t wait to incorporate some of his work in these spaces!


Let's hear about your bonus bathroom before we wrap up. We know you recently renovated this charming space—tell us more!
My husband and I designed the secondary bathroom in our home with our children in mind. We wanted the space to flow with the aesthetic of the rest of the house, but also to have a fun and playful tone. When I came across Livden’s tile patterns, I found one called “Puzzle Piece” that I fell in love with. I also really liked the fact that it was made with sustainable terrazzo material. We chose our vanity from Vanderloc with the notion that we would be needing a lot of space. I use the large pull out drawers for our boy’s personal hygiene items, as well as a space for guest items. We completely transformed this space, as it previously had dismal original builder grade components from 17 years ago. Now, it’s a bright and light space with lots of personality.

Baby in bathroom with patterned tiles

Vanity by Vanderloc, tiles by LIVDEN

Any future visions for these rooms?
One future design vision I have is to change the flooring in these rooms. I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of carpet. Adding side lighting, whether through lamps or sconces, would also create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In terms of practicality, I'm keen on finding side tables that offer additional storage, allowing us to keep our bedroom organized and clutter-free. I believe that functional furniture can truly elevate a space, providing both style and convenience.

If you could sum up the feeling of your bedrooms in a few words, which would you choose?
The bedrooms I designed are meant to be an oasis, where we can recharge and find peace. They are beautiful yet functional spaces that bring us immense happiness and contribute to our overall well-being.

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