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The Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

If you have children, you already understand the benefits of buying quality furniture. However, if the thought hasn't crossed your mind, you are probably just looking for great ways to decorate your home with well-constructed furniture that is designed to last. Here are the benefits of solid wood furniture to help you make the right decision for your home.

Solid Wood vs. Particle Board Furniture

Solid wood furniture is furniture that is made completely from wood. That means no particle board or veneer panels. Many discount furniture manufacturers use particle board with wood veneer in order to provide the look of wood without the high cost. However, since this type of furniture is not made from one solid material, it typically does not last as long as solid wood furniture. If you want good quality furniture that is designed to last, solid wood furniture is the clear choice over particle board furniture.

Another downside of using furniture that is made from particleboard is that is it more susceptible to moisture damage. Therefore, you shouldn't use this type of furniture in areas where there is moisture, including the kitchen and bathroom. Wet spills must also be cleaned up immediately or you may risk damage to the furniture. If you have children you already know that spills are pretty much unavoidable!

How Can I Tell If the Furniture Is Made From Solid Wood?

It is generally fairly easy to tell the differences between furniture that is made from solid wood versus other materials. Solid wood furniture is generally heavy. If the furniture is lightweight, chances are that is it is not solid wood. In addition, if the furniture is made from veneer, you will be able to see where the sheet of veneer has been attached to the rest of the piece. Veneer furniture also tends to show grain patterns on the edges of the furniture, which does not happen with solid wood.

Laminate and veneer furniture can not be carved. If the furniture features ornate detailing, then it is made from solid wood. If all else fails, pay attention to the cost. In most cases, solid wood furniture is more expensive than furniture made from other material because solid wood furniture will generally last longer.

Now that you understand the main differences between solid wood furniture and the furniture made from particle board and veneer, let’s explore the reasons why solid wood furniture is the better choice. Here are the benefits of solid wood furniture.

Superior Craftsmanship

If you've ever spent hours struggling to build a self-assembly furniture items, you already know why solid wood furniture is a better option. To add to your pain, self-assembly furniture often doesn't look as nice as it looked in the furniture advertisement, unless you look at it from a distance. In contrast, solid wood furniture is typically built by a craftsman that has put in the time to make sure that the piece of furniture is well-constructed and looks just as good, if not better than the images of the piece. When you buy solid wood furniture you can expect to receive a unique item that can last for years to come.

Timeless Style vs. Trends

Unlike furniture made from other materials, solid wood furniture isn't typically designed to follow the latest trends. Solid wood furniture designs are typically traditional or are timeless designs that won't look outdated in just a few years. While furniture made from other materials might be a better option if the latest trends are important to you, you should be aware that you will typically trade quality for trendiness when you opt for furniture made from other materials.

That said, buying solid wood furniture does not necessarily mean that you have to miss out on furniture trends. In fact, many contemporary furniture manufacturers are incorporating modern furniture designs into their solid wood furniture pieces. If there is a particular style that you are looking for, chances are that you can find solid wood furniture equivalents.

Avoids Chemicals

Some materials in modern furniture can actually be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, design isn't the only consideration when it comes to your decision to purchase furniture. Veneer, which is commonly used for cheap modern furniture, often contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. The formaldehyde can be found in the glue that is use to adhere the particleboard to the veneer. In addition, cheap furniture that is not made from solid wood often contains toxic plastic.

This type of plastic, known as PVC, is used in many modern furniture pieces and is also a known carcinogen. If protecting your family from dangerous chemicals is important, you can opt for solid wood furniture, which can be designed using eco-friendly adhesives, paints and stains.


Solid wood furniture is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily life without falling apart. It will not fall apart when the furniture item is moved and it is generally more resistant to damage from bumps and knocks. Although solid wood furniture does require regular maintenance, it will not deteriorate within just a few years like furniture made from cheaper materials.

Although solid wood furniture may be more costly than furniture that is made from other materials, solid wood furniture is a smart investment. You'll get the solid construction, beauty of natural wood, and durability that makes it a preferred option for many modern homeowners.

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