Modern Living Room - Couches & Accent Tables

What to Do with Empty Space in Your Living Room

Often the first thought when designing the living room goes towards what couches to add. This is followed by pillows, window treatments, and wall decor. However, without a few other crucial key components your newly designed room will still feel a little bit incomplete.

There’s always that bit of empty space that you’re unsure what to do with. Sometimes it’s a corner where nothing fits right or it could be you need that one piece that will tie a whole room together in its design.

If you’re looking at filling that empty space these three essential items that will help fill the empty space in your living room and complete the look.

Modern Accent Tables

Modern accent tables are perfect for filling in the corners around your couches. Not only are they beautiful but they’re extremely practical as well, adding space for drinks or television remotes to be placed to help keep your living room looking neat. When placed to the side of couches, accent tables maintain their beauty but still leave the room for open play.

modern accent table

However, if you’re looking for a showstopper piece, the best idea is to find a great coffee table and place it in the center of your room. This table will make a great central point as well as give you a place to enjoy a meal or put your feet up.


Another often overlooked piece of furniture is the rug. While not essential, this accessory does a lot to bring the room together as a whole.

Whether you choose a subtle or eye-catching design, it can help open your space up and make it feel bigger. If you have a particularly small space, we recommend a striped rug. It will help your room feel longer and bigger, hiding any cluttered appearances or claustrophobic feelings.

Modern rug

However, it is important to note that lighter colors will get dirtier faster, and may require cleaning more often. Certain materials, like jute, make it hard to clean spills and food out of the rug, so if you’re prone to spills or have little children, those materials maybe aren’t the best choice for your home.


Depending on your living situation, you might find yourself in a basement apartment, or trying to make a room without a lot of natural light feel homey. Getting the right lighting for your space is essential to making your home feel open, welcoming and comfortable. End table lamps are a great option; you can choose between urban, bare lightbulb styles, or a classic shade and lamp option. If you’d rather have fewer table top spaces, try adding hanging lights or even wall mounted sconces.

Floor lamp

Make sure you properly install these, or have a professional install them. Messing with the electrical wiring can be dangerous, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally be shocked or start an electrical fire.

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If you still are struggling for inspiration, check out home decor ideas on Pinterest. You can find different styles, pieces and even directly shop. If you need help fitting together the furniture in your living room, or want to customize an accent table or sofa, contact us and we can do the rest.