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4 Tips to Help You Choose Furniture for Small Spaces

Do you live in a small space (hi, studio apartment dwellers), or have a tiny room to style? All living areas come with unique design challenges, but arranging and styling a small one can be especially difficult. 

So how do you make a space feel spacious while making it functional? What kind of furniture should you choose, and what should you pair with it? Even the smallest living areas can be *the most* and take a lot of consideration, so let’s take a deep breath and dive in.

1. Don’t even think about squeezing that in

Kadan Loveseat

Opt for small-scale furniture that can actually, really fit the room it’s going into. While you might be dreaming of a giant couch in your living area, for example, it’s worth considering a loveseat or smaller sectional that takes up less room. Look for pieces with clean lines and exposed legs to create an open, airy feeling. Our Kaydan Loveseat, pictured above, or Mota Bumper Sectional in fabrics like Texture Oyster or Macarena would be excellent picks.

2. Light and airy does it

Anything with a heavy look or darker shade will likely feel larger than you want in a small space. Stick to a two or three-color palette, and definitely go for neutrals or light colors for larger pieces, like your sofa, as we began to cover above. An accent piece like our Voya Coffee Table in maple would be a great choice here. 

3. Add depth with color and accessories

Kaydan Chair

While creams and neutrals help create a soothing and open atmosphere, don't forget color altogether. Choosing areas to add in bright values and patterns add interest and depth that actually help make rooms feel more spacious. 

Create focal points using wallpaper, framed work, or decorative mirrors (mirrors are another magic trick that can create an impression of extra space—direct them toward windows to reflect the light and outside view, giving the illusion of an extra window). Throw pillows like our Judge Accent Pillows are another great way to bring in texture and color.

4. Go multifunctional

Idan Atten Dresser

Choose furniture that does more than one job. A versatile piece like our Idan Storage Ottoman is your friend here: one day she’s an impromptu coffee table, another an extra seat for guests, and another a footrest—and on any day, extra storage space. Dressers or sideboards that go tall rather than wide, like our Atten 4-Drawer Tall Dresser, also offer plenty of storage and include an extra area to place a lamp, books, or your sound system.

Need more help? 

So, did you get all that? If you want more help, feel free to reach out to us and set up a free consultation with one of our design experts.


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