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Victoria Schneider's Comfy Nursery Room

Thanks to Victoria (@govictoria) for telling us all about her Rio Chair! Hear right from her about her journey planning a nursery room below.

Victoria sitting on grey Rio Chair

Pictured: Rio Chair

When it came to choosing a chair for our son Jetton's nursery we wanted something that was beautiful but comfortable too. I honestly didn't think that existed. Enter with something better than we could have ever imagined: Medley's Rio Chair! We couldn't have found a better chair to fit the space.

The quality and comfort of the chair is something everyone in our family enjoys. Not only that, but it's one of those pieces people immediately notice when they walk in the room because it's gorgeous. I am already plotting where to put it when it's no longer needed in the nursery.

Grey Rio Chair

Pictured: Rio Chair

We already spend so much time in it reading books, playing games and talking with each other. Knowing I'll get to rock my baby and cozy up with both my boys in it makes it even better. Medley made the process so easy and had so many different options for customizing it. We couldn't be more pleased and excited about all the memories we'll make with it.

Victoria and her son sitting on Grey Rio Chair

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