Olive branches used to make olive tanned leather

Olive-tanned leather

Medley pouf ottomans in saddle leather
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Ahhh, Olea europaea: the olive. What does this beautiful, tasty little fruit (yep, it’s a fruit) have to do with leather furniture? 

Its leaves are a key ingredient in the processing of our new, more eco-friendly leathers, which uses byproduct from the olive oil industry to naturally tan hides.

How the olive tanning process works:

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Fallen olive leaves in the Mediterranean region are collected after olive harvesting for olive oil production, a point at which the leaves would otherwise be burned.

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Extract is then created from the olive leaves to create a 100% organic tanning agent for creating durable, beautiful leather.

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Natural tanning

The result is a mineral-free, totally natural  tanning process that uses less energy than chromium tanning, leaves behind no harmful waste, and creates sustainable wages and jobs.

Our olive tanned leather line

Our olive-tanned leathers come from Moore and Giles and are created using their Olivenleder®- certified and cradle to cradle™ GOLD-certified wet-green® technology.

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100%  Full Grain Leather

A beautifully distressed, waxed and aged leather with an heirloom look. Crafted to last for generations, Sundance develops a beautiful patina and lived-in quality over time. Olive leaves are the key ingredient in the processing of this leather, which uses byproduct from the olive oil industry to naturally tan the hides.


100% Top-Grain Semi-Aniline Leather

Vita is a beautiful, semi-aniline leather that is favored for its soft, drapey hand. Each hide is produced in Spain with an olive leaf extract wet-green® tanning agent, which is created from fallen olive leaves in the Mediterranean region that have been collected and processed in compliance with socially sustainable standards. Thanks to its light finish for added protection, Vita is a resilient material, making it ideal for applications across residential and commercial design.


100% Full Grain Leather

A buttery, substantial leather with dynamic natural markings. Using a byproduct from the olive oil industry, Milo leather is naturally tanned with fallen leaves from Olive trees. Hides are finished with natural oils and a water-soluble lacquer base to achieve a brilliant polished surface and eye-catching color transparency.

Medley Kirnik sofa in a natural saddle colored leather

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