Why Tailor Made?

Made-to-order, just for you.

In the 1800's, London tailors in Savile Row refined the idea of making a piece of clothing for each person, taking into account their unique measurements and preferences. Over 100 years later, tailoring clothes is still the best way to get exactly what you want. But for some reason, furniture hasn't been approached in this same way even though it's an even bigger investment. Enter Medley. We tailor make our furniture, which allows you to not have to settle for almost. You can instead create and use something that was made just for you, ensuring you're happy with the result. 

This approach is also a reaction against the disable goods culture we live in. We think in this modern world, maybe we should just slow things down a little bit. It shouldn't just be about the fastest, or the cheapest. We should all buy fewer things, and things that matter. When you get eco-friendly furniture made just for you, it's good for your home and the environment.

Furniture layout

Perfectly Fits Your Space

All humans (and koalas) have unique fingerprints. And just like your fingerprints, you're unique. Even your home is uniquely you. Instead of searching all over and finding almost, create exactly you want to get the perfect look and sizing for your space.

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Perfectly Fits You

Why would you buy something that's been mass produced, intended to fit as many people as possible? Excellent question! Because our furniture is bespoke, it allows us to make it the exact height and depth so the comfort is juuuuust right. "I love my uncomfortable sofa" said no one, ever.

explore tailored to you
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