Tailored to Your Space

Get Medley furniture tailored to fit your space

Ensure you get the best functionality from your space by considering the following.

1. Flow

Think about traffic flow in terms of what to leave open on each piece, or how high an item should be. you can close off and create separate areas, or keep more open for flow.

2. Configuration

Choose the configuration and layout for the best functionality in terms of if you have arms, if an ottoman is added, if you choose a chaise versus a wedge, etc.

3. Length

Make sure to get the length exactly right for your space and keep things like walls, doors, etc. into account.

4. Color & Texture

Consider the walls in your space, floors, and colors of existing pieces in your room. Typically with larger pieces it's safer to go with neutrals: think lighter tans and grays.

Need some help? We can make sure sizing, material, and other details are right for your space

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