Seat Cushion Foam Insert Recall: 2022

Medley is offering a voluntary product recall due to low levels of lead found in some of our seat cushion foam inserts. Independent third-party testing showed that this small amount of lead is contained only within the foam seat cushion, and not in the arms or frames which uses a different foam. The lead found is not airborne and will not have transferred to other materials. Based on the analysis from materials and toxicology experts, there is no immediate ingestion risk for lead found in the seat cushions inserts. Lead doesn't off-gas like a chemical and can only be harmful if ingested. 

If you ordered chairs, sofas, sectionals, or ottomans with CertiPUR-US® poly foam seat cushions from Medley starting November 2019 through July of 2021, and your order was delivered by January 31st of 2022, your ordermay be affected. After reviewing the details below, if you'd like new seat cushion inserts sent to you, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll be in touch soon.

Please note that this recall does not affect or include cushion upholstery covers—we will only be sending new foam inserts.

After receiving your official submission, replacement inserts will be made and shipped to you free-of-charge from our new foam supplier that tested non-detect for lead in our recent laboratory testing.

Current Results

We submitted a variety of foam samples to Applied Technical Services (ATS), an independent lab that does digestive testing to carry out additional material testing. This is the approved testing method of the Consumer Product Safety Commission for testing foam. As defined by ATS, when their digestive test results came back with <5, <4, <3, etc., they categorized these as non-detect / negative:

Frame Foam: Lead came back as non-detect / negative. Arsenic came back as non-detect / negative. View report

Dacron Wrap + Glue: Lead came back as non-detect / negative. Arsenic came back as non-detect /negative.

Seat Cushions from 9 of Our Sofas We Tested: Lead present at 150-327 parts per million. By comparison, some major brands of dishware test at ten's of thousands of ppms.

New Seat Cushion Foam Supplier: We tested seat cushion foam from another supplier that came back non-detect for lead, and we'll be using it forour recall inserts as well as all new orders going forward.

Lead Dust Test: The customer with the initial lead finding used dust wipes to test their sofa they've had for 1.5 years to check if any dust with lead is escaping the cushions, and the lead test came back non-detect. Therefore, to the best of our knowledge, and based on conversations with toxicologists and materials experts, there is no lead ingestion risk.


A Personal Note about Medley

We are a small, family-run business with a mission-driven approach to use the safest materials possible and to always be transparent with our customers. As you are probably aware, the furniture industry as a whole has a bad reputation for using questionable materials, implementing a "fast furniture" build approach, and a disappointing trend towards overseas production. We established Medley to change that by making furniture that is safer for people and the environment, and built in the United States. Today, we continue to pave our own way using eco-friendly materials and practices such as sourcing domestic FSC certified wood, the cleanest poly foam available, organic latex rubber, no-VOC glues, organic cotton linings and cushion covers, wool, natural jute, and Greenguard Gold or Oeko-TEX certified fabrics.

We're truly sorry for this experience. We look forward to resolving the issue for any of our affected customers.


For additional questions or concerns, please email the owners at or call us at (323) 801-6892.

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