Medley Moments

Show us your digs.

We're proud of our collaborations and love how Medley contributes to the unique feeling of comfort. Peruse through our partner and customer reveals to see how Medley can be part of your space. #medleymoments

The Cozy Corner, by Molly Madfis

We've always had attractive couches, but never an attractive couch that was actually cozy (we've had sofas so uncomfortable, we don't even use our living rooms...). 

The Timeless Sofa, by Eden Passante

The couch is one of my favorite pieces because I designed it with the team over at Stem. I chose the style of the couch, the fabric, color, height, legs, etc., and it turned out exactly the way I had hoped.

The Modern Lounge Sectional, by Momo Suzuki & Alexander Yamaguchi

The Challenge: Untouched for decades, the 1,200-square-foot house was gloom-central inside and just about every inch needed tending.
The Solution: Generally infusing the rooms with a look that’s equal parts midcentury modern and Japanese serene.

Comfy Lounge while Pretty in Pink, by Kelly Mindell

I had a project to makeover Studio DIY HQ to prepare it to function as three things: 1) An office/craft space for myself and team, 2) A photo studio for shoots, and 3) A workshop and event space! 

Comfy Nursery Room, by Victoria Schneider

When it came to choosing a chair for our son Jetton's nursery we wanted something that was beautiful but comfortable too. I honestly didn't think that existed. Enter with something better than we could have ever imagined. We couldn't have found a better chair to fit the space.

Solid Walnut Danu Dining Table, by Lisa Nightingale

I love figuring out how to maximize any space & make it feel like home. Right now, I am really into minimizing our home (clutter makes me feel overwhelmed) & so I have been slowly changing up our decor, room by room. Every time we move somewhere new, I try to make it feel comfy & inviting.

Gathering Place, by Mary Salas

Sunday afternoon hangs. Because we have a couch and we can all snuggle together and watch a movie. We’re so grateful.

Non-Toxic Corner Sectional, by Olivia Amitrano

In 2013, HBO released a documentary called “Toxic Hot Seat.” My cousin told me to watch it because it opened her eyes to the truth about the furniture industry, and it did the exact same for me. This is where I originally learned about flame retardants in couches, and it’s a big reason why I went so far as to make my own furniture before I was sure that I was making the right decision for my health as a consumer.