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You deserve a cozy, healthy bedroom: you spend a third of your life sleeping, after all. Shop our cushy, supportive natural latex mattress and bed frames, beautifully-built Maple and Walnut storage, and more.


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Palder Bed Sale price $2,966 Regular price$3,295
Medley Organic Latex Mattress Sale price $1,346 Regular price$1,495
Pippen Bed In Latex + Wool Sale price $3,056 Regular price$3,395
Palder Nightstand Sale price $671 Regular price$745
Buden Bed Base Sale price $3,329 Regular price$3,699
Buden Bed Sale price $3,734 Regular price$4,149
Nein Bed in Latex + Wool Sale price $3,251 Regular price$3,612
Atten Nightstand Sale price $1,166 Regular price$1,295
Atten 4-Drawer Wide Dresser Sale price $4,136 Regular price$4,595
Walt Nightstand Sale price $1,166 Regular price$1,295
Bramo Bed in Latex + Wool Sale price $2,963 Regular price$3,292
Lala Sofa made from with more non-toxic, sustainable materials.

Why Medley?

A greener future for furniture

We take utmost care in building ultra durable, comfy sofas with attention to every layer—the frame to the upholstery fabric—with help from partners who help us source more sustainable and nontoxic materials.

Person building a Medley sofa frame by hand and affixing a natural jute lining.


Tried-and-true craftsmanship

Our builders bring each piece to life by hand in the USA, accentuating the incredible quality of our materials through their artistry.

Kaydan Chair from Medley with more nontoxic materials, like natural latex foam and wool.


Our most sustainable offering

We're reimagining comfort with our plant-based latex + wool furniture, an alternative to petroleum oil-based cushion foam.