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Why invest in Medley furniture?

Kirnik Corner Sectional

Pictured above: Kirnik Corner Sectional in Smart Smoke Fabric

We get it–we really get it: investing in furniture is a big deal. And if you’re shopping around with a bit of sticker shock, we get that, too. Here’s why choosing ethically manufactured, durable furniture pays offin other words, here’s a look at why Medley’s furniture costs what it does and how it’ll serve you (now + in the long run). 

For us, it comes down to these five things: 1: craftsmanship + durability, 2: resilient materials, 3: timeless design and comfort, 4: customization, and 5: healthy, eco-friendly materials.

1. Craftsmanship + durability 

We do everything possible to make sure your furniture will last. This starts with our team of skilled builders who use time-honored techniques and methods that help make our pieces durable.  
Let’s start with the frame: classic joint construction contributes to long-term frame durability, while corner blocking (extra pieces of wood placed at an angle and screwed into place on the sofa frame’s corners) provide extra stability. Next up, our craftsmen use hand-tied spring systems to prevent sagging and squeaking. The springs of a couch not only absorb shock, but also determine the comfort and firmness of the sofa seat.

Workers installing hand-tied springs

Pictured above: a Medley team member installing hand-tied spring systems

Because our pieces are specifically constructed for longevity, they don’t require assembly (an added bonus), unless the piece involves a simple move, like screwing on legs. Instead, our furniture is...well, quite difficult to take apart. Take our Alder hardwood sofa frames, which use kiln-dried, solid wood to ensure long-lasting stability. Less expensive frames made from softwoods like pine can’t help but warp over time, and frames made of particle board, plastic, or metal are prone to cracking and deforming.

P.S: we're confident your furniture will last as long as you need it to, but just in case, we also offer a lifetime warranty on frames.

2. Resiliency

Leather and grey fabric over wooly cushion

We take extra care to use the highest quality materials for anything that naturally stretches, wears and softens over time, like fabrics and cushion fillings. 
The majority of our fabrics test higher than commercial grade limits meaning they can withstand being placed in the middle of a busy mall and still hold up. Look for our durability icons (puppies and bubbles) on our swatches page to head straight for our most durable, spill-proof (and kid/pet-friendly 😊) fabrics. 
Many sofa seat cushions on the market are made of foam, but that foam varies greatly in quality. While cheaper sofas might lose their shape or deteriorate more quickly over time because they are filled with lower grade densities. High-resilience foams are known for their comfort, responsiveness, and ability to retain shape over time. At Medley, we offer two versions of these: a poly foam certified by CertiPUR-US® (the cleanest synthetic choice on the market) and GOLS-certified organic natural Dunlop (our totally natural option derived from the sap of rubber trees).

3. Timeless design + comfort 

Blumen Chaise Sectional in Melton Feather fabric

Pictured above: Blumen Chaise Sectional in Melton Feather fabric

Whether through a slight pitch in the seat back or an extra layer of wool around your sofa cushions, every design detail and material choice is made to create long-lasting, comfier furniture. Medley designers pay extra attention to how each item will be used for years to come, focusing on the item getting better with time…like wearing in your favorite pair of leather boots.
Our solid wood pieces, for example, will show their character over time—but can also be lightly sanded and coated for a quick refresh. We purposefully avoid using veneers, which can’t be sanded, for this reason. Go ahead, have your rowdy neighbors over for dinner.

Voya Rectangular Dining Table (Walnut) with Jasmi Low Dining Chair (walnut, smart wheat)

Pictured above: Voya Rectangular Dining Table with Jasmi Dining Chairs in Smart Wheat fabric

Our upholstered goods are made with your home in mind: open, modern, versatile, and most importantly, functional. We’ve added details like a tapered solid wood base to our
Kirnik Collection and hand-sculpted arms with the most gentle swoosh to our Kaydan pieces. Revel in Eim's beautiful chamfered edges and ladder back or sink into Rio’s wide, enveloping silhouette.

On the whole, our approach is to design for timeless appeal that fits with all kinds of decor styles—all in hope of producing something adaptable that you’ll really want to keep. 

4. Made one-of-a-kind for you and your space

Because every piece we build is made to order, we have the flexibility to customize your furniture to make sure that it's exactly what you’re looking for and fits your space. 
There are several ways to do this: first, select from our (quite plentiful) size and layout options, then choose a fabric that coordinates with your lifestyle. Do you have expressive friends, pets or kids? If so, we offer all kinds of resilient, cleanable fabrics with a high rub count. Looking for the perfect jewel-toned sofa? We have that too. Next, choose your filling: squishy down and feathers, soft yet supportive poly foam, or natural Dunlop latex
Beyond the choices listed on our product pages, we also offer further customization, like sizing and depth to the inch, or the option to use your own fabric (we call these C.O.M (customer’s own material) orders). Get exactly what you want rather than settling for something that kind of works. We offer various seat depth, seat height, and length options to lounge the way you do: more on this here

5. Materials for a healthy home and healthy planet

Forest and wood blocks in wood shop
As you might be aware, the furniture industry as a whole has a bad reputation for using questionable materials via a "fast furniture" build approach. 
We set out to change that by using materials that leave out harsh chemicals sometimes found in furniture like flame retardants, formaldehyde, and PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl) substances; these emit unsafe levels of volatile organic compounds that not only harm the environment, but can pose health risks to you: definitely stuff we want to avoid! 
Our third-party certifications and partners help us source materials to make furniture that’s better for our environment. Some of these include:

-Domestically-sourced alder hardwood, walnut and maple from FSC-certified forests
-USDA-certified furniture polish made from beeswax, carnauba wax, and olive oil
-CertiPUR-US-certified poly foam
-Certified natural Dunlop latex
-Cruelty-free, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 wool
-Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton linings
-Greenguard Gold Certified and OEKO Certified fabrics

To help offset our environmental impact, we also partner with the National Forest Foundation, who helps us plant 3 trees for every tree we use to build our furniture. 

All in all, our message is this: investing in quality, eco-friendly furniture now will leave you with something you can enjoy and live with for the long-run. Worth it! With 0% interest* payment plans through Affirm, a 30-day trial, and a lifetime guarantee on our furniture frames, you can’t go wrong.  Want help getting started? Request free design help or order free fabric swatches to make your vision real. 

*for qualifying customers

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