What Makes Something a Timeless Design?

Trends come and go, so when it’s time to make an investment in furniture that lasts, you want a timeless design. Some designs are just trend-based, featuring whatever is “hot” at the moment. This could be the shape, fabric, color, or just general design style. It might seem cool now, but will feel very dated even five years in the future. Think about all those super 70’s homes and decor, or even decor from ten years ago. You can immediately know when it was made, and it is no longer in style today. Timeless designs are ones that always seem relevant. It outlasts trends, fashion statements and society’s infatuation with styles. You should be able to look at a timeless creation and not know if it was made one year ago, or fifty.


Buying trendy furniture can get expensive. You’ll have to replace the chair or lamp every few years, as it becomes obviously unfashionable. Trendy design must be updated and changed out as soon as the trend fades. When you purchase a timeless design, you won’t need to replace it. And if you feel the need to upgrade, just switch out accessories like throw pillows and art to make it feel more current.


But what makes something timeless? It’s partly the design itself, maintaining the right proportions, using timeless colors, and using methods that last. If you want something that will be timeless, and could be passed on from generation to generation, this is what to look for:


Not Too Showy

Trendy furniture is usually in super bright colors, in a crazy shape, or some other design that really stands out. While this can be a fun choice for your home, it will likely be out-of-style in just a few years. With timeless design, less-is-more becomes elegant, and is open and flexible. It uses simple styles that can that can be altered and changed over time as needed.


timeless design


By using simple lines, neutral colors, and classic shapes, it will always seem fashionable. Timeless design just feels like it was meant to be there, and blends into your home naturally. This is not to say timeless furniture is boring, just that it fits seamlessly into the space and other pieces.


Keeps Proper Proportions

A truly timeless piece of furniture keeps the proper proportions, called the “Golden Ratio.” It is commonly found in nature, and when used in design, it fosters organic and natural looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Without getting into the math, it creates harmony and proportion that can be found in hundreds of famous pieces of art and architecture, including the Pyramids in Giza and the Mona Lisa.


timeless beauty


By following the golden ratio, and generally using proportions that are simple and easy to understand, furniture will be timeless. Our brains are actually hardwired to prefer design that uses the golden ratio, so you might be interested in these pieces without even knowing why. When the lines are clean, the item focuses on usability, instead of being stylish. When design is accessible, it will be timeless.


Uses Neutral Colors

Make sure the color pallette is well-complemented and emphasizes natural colors. Beiges, grays and off-whites have a strong presence in traditional homes and timeless beauty. Add classic colors such as dark green, navy and black as they complement the neutrals so well. You might be tempted to buy a bright purple couch, but it’s better to invest in a neutral color, and accentuate with bright pillows and blankets.


timeless style


Keeping furniture design neutral will keep it in-style for a long time. For patterns, use bold ones such as stripes, plaids and checks. Using natural materials like wood, stone, and natural fibers will also help it to feel more timeless.


Works Well With Others

The simplicity of timeless design makes it easy to mix and match with other timeless pieces, or to throw in with one trendy stand-out piece. Timeless design could be put with an antique side table, or a super modern couch, and still feel like it goes together. This is achieved with neutral colors, simple lines, and adaptable design that is easily updated or changed.


timeless furniture


Timeless design will help your house feel comfortable and pleasant for years to come. When you invest in timeless beauty, your home will always feel stylish.