Top 6 Benefits of Modular Sectionals

With urban living on the rise, many apartment dwellers and homeowners alike are looking to do more with less space. This often means taking a more creative approach to furnishing your home so that it has all of the functionality that you want while still delivering the stylish appeal you desire.

As a result, modular sectionals have become an increasingly popular solution to getting the seating arrangement that you want while delivering maximum functionality. Modular sectionals generally come in 4 component combinations consisting of a right/left arm/chaise, corner, and extension.

These options allow you to create the perfect setup for your room and rearrange it as you see fit. If you're trying to decide whether a sectional or sofa offers a better solution for your space, here are the key benefits of modular sectionals to consider:

1. Exact Sizing

With modular sectionals, you can get more exact sizing for your space. When you are trying to arrange your furniture in a room where space is limited, often there are features that you have to overcome like corners, windows, and doors.

By using a modular sectional, you can easily address these issues by placing a module that fits exactly into the space where a regular sofa won’t go. This allows you to maximize the use of your space while adding seating that won’t be difficult to maneuver every time you enter the room.

2. More Versatility

While you need seating for your room, you just can’t put the seats anywhere, especially if you want to watch TV, relax by the window or want the seats to face toward or away from the door. Using a modular sectional will give you more flexibility within the room in terms of the configuration you need for the best functionality.

modular sectional

When you entertain, modular sectionals offer separation, which allows you to place the modules so that your guests can sit opposite to each other rather than side by side. You can even add an ottoman to serve as a makeshift coffee table for food or drinks.

In addition, you can even change the configuration as you see fit without a lot of hassle! Moving the modules of a sectional is much easier than moving a sofa and can even be done by a single person.

3. Greater Comfort

Sectionals aren't only for sitting! Sometimes you might want to lie down and relax, you know? If you need an extra place for an overnight guest to sleep or you love to fall asleep while reading or watching TV, a sectional with a chaise module is the perfect answer to your needs. At Medley, we can help you can choose the fabric and the filling that will maximize your comfy factor.

blumen sectional

4. Moving Made Easy

When it’s time to move, the first hassle people usually encounter is trying to move large pieces of furniture. In fact, this often leads to people tossing out their sofas and simply starting over in their new homes with new sofas. Instead of wasting your hard earned money, a better solution is to purchase a modular sectional so that it can be easily moved to your new home.

Modular sectionals allow your seating arrangements to be easily disassembled and transported to your new location. In addition, the individual pieces are much easier to protect as you move them as compared to a large sofa that may get dinged and snagged as movers try to fit it through doorways and up staircases.

Another concern that people have when they move is that their old sofa won’t work in a new home. With a modular sectional, you have a much higher chance of making it work in the new space. In addition, you can even put the pieces in separate rooms.

5. Replacement Cost

Although we design our furniture to last a lifetime, occasionally accidents do happen. If your sectional happens to take a beating, a modular sectional makes it possible to only replace the modules that have been damaged, which is considerably less costly than replacing an entire sofa. In addition, some modular sectionals also come with removable cushions so that maintaining your modular sectional becomes even more cost-effective.

6. Greater Customization

With a modular sectional, you’ll have more creative options to customize the look of the sectional for your home. In fact, you can even use different colors to help you make a statement piece. Mix and match upholstery fabrics to create the perfect design for your home. And, thanks to the addition of options for right/left arm or chaise modules, you’ll have a sectional that is completely tailored to your own personal taste!

Finding the Right Modular Sectional

No matter how you plan to use a modular sectional, remember that you need to choose an option that fits your existing furniture, as well as the dimensions of the room. You may need rearrange some things or even rethink your current color scheme in order to make it work. However, you should avoid choosing a design that is too specific to your current design scheme in case you change your mind later on. And of course, we're here to help.

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