Top 5 Simple Things You Can Do for Green Living

These days green tips are everywhere. From ideas for green homes to building a sustainable lifestyle, you'll find that there is more information than ever about how to go green. However, how do you actually implement these practices in your own life?



Here are the top 5 simple things that you can do for green living.

1. Embrace Green Technology

The best part about going green these days is that you don’t have to spend all day thinking about how to do it. In fact, there is a ton of green technology available to help you.

For example, you can try different apps for energy use for your home, including Internet of Things (IoT) technology that will allow you to regulate your thermostat, lighting, and more all from your smartphone. In addition, home automation technology can ensure that you don’t use more energy than you need to in your home and that items that use electricity are turned off when not in use.



Green apps make it possible for you to track your green efforts. Here are some apps that you should download:


GoodGuide is an environmental shopping guide that allows you to scan product barcodes and search for products. It then gives you rankings based on environment, health, and societal impact.


If you don't know where to recycle things locally, iRecycle will find a facility for you. You can even search for facilities based on what you're trying to recycle, including the contact information of the facility and any restrictions.

2. Use More Green Products

If you are just getting started with green living, your first thoughts should be about changing the products that you use for options that are greener. While getting rid of bad habits takes time, buying green products is as easy as switching out the brands that you usually purchase at the store.

Some ideas to help you get started include eco-friendly furniture, home cleaning supplies, natural latex mattress, electric cars, and more. There are many options out there. While it may see strange to you at first, you’ll start to see the benefits for you personally as you watch your health improve from using less toxic chemicals in your home.

3. Focus on Sustainability

Many people really aren't ready or able to follow sustainable living right as they start to make the transition from their old lifestyles. Sustainability is more complicated to follow because the goal is to live a lifestyle that has a net positive effect on the environment, which is extremely difficult given the plethora of habits that we engage in each day that are less than sustainable.

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However, you can take small steps towards sustainability by reducing your energy consumption and eating healthier. Other ideas include good old fashioned recycling, not buying things that come from non-renewable sources, and using things that can be recycled.

4. Buy Local

Across the country, the "buy local" movement has taken off. However, most people think of locally grown produce when it comes to this slogan and don't often think about other products, like furniture that they could also buy locally.

Buying furniture that is made in the US, or even better locally, is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, locally made goods tend to be better quality and produced responsibly.

In addition, you'll also be supporting local craftsmen and designers who live and work here in the United States. So instead of buying furniture from a company that manufacturers their products overseas, buying locally made furniture is the perfect way to go green.

5. Donate to Green Causes

Finally, you can also make a big impact on the planet by donating to green causes. Here is a quick list of reputable organizations that you can donate to: is an organization that is leading the fight against global warming. They support renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects globally that are designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change. You can find out how to help and calculate your own carbon footprint by visiting the website at


The Conservation Fund is an organization that works towards protecting America's most important landscapes and waterways. To date, the fund has helped to save 7.5 million acres of water and land across the country.

Wildlife Conservation Society has field scientists who are working in over 20 countries to help to protect wild animals and their natural habitats. In particular, they have been actively working to stop elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade.

You can also donate to local organizations in your community that are working to save the environment. Remember that every little bit goes a long way. However, before you send money to any organization, check with to make sure that it is a valid non-profit organization.

Also don’t forget about your own community! If there are local events going on that are designed to improve the environment and responsible practices in your area, don’t hesitate to pitch in with some monetary help. You’ll be making an impact on your community and you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment overall.

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