Top 5 Reasons to Get Sofas Made in the USA

For many years, shoppers have been lured by the low, low prices advertised by furniture companies who manufacture overseas. Though this can be tempting, at the end of the day, purchasing sofas made in the USA is a worthy investment. When you purchase furniture made in a different country, you just don’t know what you’re getting. There are dozens of horror stories of people getting something they purchased online from an overseas company, and what they receive looks nothing like what they thought. When you purchase couches made in the USA, you know you can trust that every aspect of your new sofa was selected and made with care.


These are the top five reasons you should purchase American made couches.


No Waiting For Overseas Shipping

When you purchase a sofa that was made in China or another overseas country, you have to wait weeks for it to ship. This can greatly delay the process of you getting your new furniture! And you never know if something might happen that will delay it even longer.

made in usa sofa

When you buy an American-made couch, shipping can take as little as one week. This lets you enjoy your new furniture faster, so you don’t have to eat dinner on the floor for a month while you wait for your new table. It’s much easier to track your furniture as it gets trucked across the US as opposed to on a massive ship coming across the ocean.


Trustworthy Materials

Due to inconsistent policies, furniture that’s manufactured overseas could be made of vastly different materials than advertised. Depending on its origin country, it could contain harmful chemicals that the new owner knows nothing about. Or, it could claim to be made of sustainable wood or organic cotton, and that might not be the case at all.


When you purchase a sofa made in the USA, you know exactly what materials were used. It’s much easier to trace where every aspect of the sofa came from. There won’t be any sneaky harmful chemicals or lies about the origin of the fabric. And most likely, the company will be proud to inform you where they source their materials. You can trust you’re getting exactly what you ask for when you order American-made.


Higher Quality

Many overseas furniture companies aren’t focused on quality - just low prices. While that might seem exciting at first, it’s just frustrating when the couches breaks or looks shabby just a few months later. It’s not such a bargain any more when you have to buy a new sofa within the year! When you purchase leather sofas made in the USA, you’re making an investment in quality. It’s likely made by skilled craftsmen who painstakingly put together every joint and every nail in your new sofa.


quality craftsmanship

A sofa is meant to be enjoyed by your family for many years or even generations. Selecting a sofa that’s made of quality materials and hand-crafted will give you a product that can handle anything. Everything from the threads in the fabric to the nails to the type of wood is held to a certain level of quality. And the craftsmen who build this furniture hold themselves accountable to building something beautiful and strong. When something is built right the first time, it is built to last.

More Eco-Friendly

When your new sofa has be shipped from tens of thousands of miles away, that ship or plane is polluting the air during its entire journey. When you purchase a new sofa that’s made in the US, you’re greatly reducing your carbon footprint. Sending something across the US will always have a lower carbon emission than shipping across the world.

organic cotton


Plus, many materials used by American companies are more sustainable. That company is likely far more interested in building sustainably than an overseas company might be. Fabrics and recycled woods that are sourced locally contributes to making a sofa made in the USA a more sustainable choice.


Strengthens the US Economy

When you purchase products made in the US, you’re supporting jobs here as well. By keeping your money inside the country, it strengthens the economy. Not only are you supporting the craftsman who built the couch, but every other job at that company, from HR to the receptionist to the marketing manager. When you purchase sofas made in the USA, you’re giving back to the local community.


If you’re in the market for a new sofa, consider an American-made couch. You won’t regret it!