Top 5 Design Trends for the Millennial Generation

Millennials are probably fed up by now with the number of think pieces on the internet that are essentially clickbait pieces designed to start online comment wars between the generations. While there’s always a great debate to be had, this time we actually wanted to highlight the trends that millennials are driving when it comes to interior design.

The best part is that people of all ages can use these ideas to improve their interior spaces and their lives. If you’re curious about what those trends are, you’ll be surprised to learn that they probably aren’t all that different from your own thoughts about modern design. So without further ado, here are the top 5 design trends for the millennial generation.

1. Personalization

Millennials want companies that pay attention to their specific needs. For them, one size does not fit all. Customized interiors are important to the members of this generation who are trying to carve out their own identities and spaces in the world. Part of this requirement means having customized furniture and home décor that features your personal tastes on even the smallest level.

Modern living room with sectional sofas and wooden center table

Millennials are also not afraid of combining decorating styles in order to achieve personalization of their spaces. In the millennial home, you'll find everything from vintage to modern. Having a space that reflects your unique preferences and interests also becomes the perfect place to entertain, sleep or work.

2. Authentic Brands

You may have already noticed this trend as millennials demand more honesty and transparency from the companies that they purchase goods and services from. Millennials want to know about a company’s commitment to the environment and social issues, as well as, and the impacts of their purchases from that company on their health.

In fact, millennials have high expectations of businesses when it comes to social responsibility efforts. They want to make the world a better place for their own fulfillment, as well as, that of the broader society. They are also quick to dump brands that are only out for profits.

In the furniture world, this has translated to a push for more authentic brands that truly offer a better approach to design. Millennials want great designs and may even be willing to pay more for it in some instances.

Old sewing machine tool

However, even if they do buy more expensive furniture, this doesn’t mean that they will accept being overcharged for items that are more sizzle than steak just because the company donates a percentage of its revenues to saving homeless kitties. Millennials want to buy from brands who truly stand behind their products and deliver meaningful value.

3. Flexibility

When the cost of rent gets too high or new opportunities beckon in another location, millennials have no problem with packing up and moving some place else. In fact, with companies like Airbnb, they are also more inclined than previous generations to share their living spaces.

As a result, millennials want flexible designs that allow them to take their furniture anywhere or rearrange their homes periodically as they see fit. For them, changing things up shouldn’t mean buying all new interior items for their homes. Flexibility also means that the designs they choose can go with almost anything, which is one of the reasons why modern design is so highly prized among millennials.

4. Functionality

With smaller urban living spaces, functionality is an important design feature for millennials. Unlike previous generations where home and the office were two separate entities, millennials are more likely to work from home and they need a space that will allow for that.

As a result, millennials prefer multi-functional designs that mean that they don’t only have to buy furniture for one specific purpose at a time. An accent table should serve as a coffee table when guests are over. The bed or even the sofa arm could have storage for all of those little odds and ends.

Side view of luxurious upholstered sofa with large back cushions

Functionality is also important for organization. With multi-functional furniture items, millennials can stay organized while enjoying the minimalist designs that are so popular in modern homes.

5. Light and Small

The final trend that is again inspired by urban dwellers, is light and small designs. Millennials love designs that are very light and small that maximize their impact in smaller spaces. In fact, light and small items can feature unusual shapes or bold colors that instantly attract attention. Additionally, these items are preferred for the flexibility that they offer when it comes times to move or redecorate.

Beautiful natural living room with low-profile wooden furniture


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If you want to design your space in true millennial fashion, consider yourself as a storyteller and choose items that reflect your personal tastes and values. Incorporating multi-functional, modern designs that feature great craftsmanship is the best way to approach the furniture for your space.

For the décor, a layering of the past with the present, along with items that have been personalized, is the best way to bring your interiors to life. Now that you understand that you’re really the one in charge, great design is something that we can all agree on!


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