The New Definition of Luxury Furniture

Buying from luxury furniture brands used to be just about having the designer name or the most expensive option out there. But today, luxury is more complicated than that. Now, shoppers are looking for an experience that’s luxurious. It’s not just about the brand name - it’s a combination of different aspects from the fabric to how its made to the shipping to its durability that gives furniture its value. Modern consumers looking for upscale furniture take care to see that the sofa is worth the investment and that it fits a number of criteria.


As everyone starts to realize the importance of purchasing eco-friendly products for everyday life, sustainable furniture is now considered “luxury.” Taking responsibility for the planet is something to be proud of, and consumers want to show that off. Upscale furniture that features sustainable wood, organic cotton, or recycled materials is a hot-buy. No longer does eco-friendly mean it looks like it came from a garbage dump. You can get timeless and contemporary designs and not have to sacrifice on your style.


eco-friendly furniture


Increasingly, those looking for luxury home furniture want the piece to stand out. Instead of purchasing from big brands, consumers want furniture they can customize. People are willing to pay a premium to get exactly what they want, from the color of the fabric to the type of wood used in the legs. These highly-customizable options ensure the buyer is getting a truly unique piece that works for their home and lifestyle. The customization also allows for the furniture buying process itself to feel more upscale. Instead of just picking something from a catalog, you get to work directly with a skilled furniture designer. This experience is now available to anyone looking for a luxury couch - not just celebrities. In the luxury furniture world today, generic just doesn’t cut it. A luxury home today is one that fits you, and isn’t just filled with the latest trending items.


Another big trend that shifting the way we think about upscale furniture is where it is made. Furniture that’s Made in the USA is now more valuable than furniture made overseas. American-made couches and chairs are synonymous with quality, safety, and hand craftsmanship. When furniture is made here, you and your guests can trust it is made with care and doesn’t use harmful chemicals. It also proves your commitment to the local economy and supporting American artisans. Furniture made in the US shortens shipping time, which lessens the carbon footprint, as well, contributing to its eco-friendly features.


eco friendly materials


Online shopping has finally made the jump over to upscale furniture, making it easier than ever to furnish your home. Those looking for expensive furniture want to be relieved of shipping fees, while still ensuring the piece will arrive safely at their front door. New luxury furniture brands offer free or discounted shipping, as well as free returns or even in-home trials. Consumers want the entire experience to be catered to them, and offer excellent customer service. A luxury couch or sectional might include white-glove delivery and returns as easy as the click of a button.


Consumers looking for luxury furniture want to know its well-made. That’s why sites like Etsy are so popular, and flea markets and thrifts stores are surging. They want to know it was built by skilled artisans who used the best techniques to create something that will last. Luxury furniture can’t just use a fancy fabric or the latest modern design - it needs to be well-crafted. A consumer will spend the extra time to vet a company and ensure it’s not just a piece to be enjoyed from afar, instead can be used to its full potential but still look great.


luxury furniture


Today’s luxury furniture is different than in generations past. Shoppers still want something beautiful that’s well-made, but they also want it to be eco-friendly and offer a high-end experience. The customer wants to be treated well throughout the sofa-buying experience, from picking out the furniture to shipping it to returning it if necessary. What do you look for in the best quality furniture for your home?