Tailor made, from Savile Row to the internet age

For the last 250 years, if you wanted a custom-made suit, Savile Row was the place to be. Located in London, this fashionable street is the home of suits cut and made by hand. In fact, it’s said the term “bespoke” as applied to fine tailoring originated in Savile Row. Items like tuxedo jackets were invested here, and customers of the "golden mile of tailoring" have included Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, and Jude Law. Despite the celebrity clientele, anyone with the right budget could go to Savile Row and get a made-to-order suit. They were the first to offer tailoring to the masses, kicking of a “custom” trend that rocketed around the world.

Savile Row in London 1846 famous for traditional bespoke tailoring for men’s clothing.

Custom tailored clothes boomed across Europe and the United States. However, as time went on and shops were modernized, more and more clothing was made in large factories. It became more in fashion to have mass-produced shirt than a tailored one – or at least more in budget. Large manufacturing houses made it so much cheaper to make something off an assembly line, that people soon abandoned traditional tailored clothing.

By the 1990s, you were hard-pressed to find a skilled tailor or place to buy a custom suit or other piece of clothing.

However, customers soon grew tired of the cookie-cutter look. They wanted to show their personality in everything from their coffee drinks to their shoes. But where could they find a made-to-order item, now that all the skilled craftsmen had been pushed out? The internet saved the day. Thanks to sites like Etsy, and other small independent businesses, customers were able to seek those who could make clothes and furniture just the way they wanted them.

Now, custom-made is booming again. Many businesses are finding success with offering custom suits, custom shoes, and custom furniture to customers all over the world. The made-to-order trend has grown significantly in the last decade, on all levels of e-commerce, from solo craftsmen to massive manufacturers.

A man in a suit adjusting tie knot.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the hundreds of stores and millions of products across malls and the internet, you can get specific with a custom item. As tempting as it is, it’s just hard work to browse all those products to find exactly what you’re looking for. Finding someone to create it tailor made to you lets you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Customization can be as simple as putting your monogram or a favorite saying on a pair of sneakers. Or it can be custom ordering a suit where you select every aspect down to the final stitch. Custom wear gives the consumer a sense of ownership and artistic influence over their apparel or furniture, an integral element of building truly unique personal style.

Custom suits by modern tailors are finding a resurgence. Sites like Indochino make tailored suits more affordable and more convenient. They provide specific instructions for you to measure yourself, and allow customization on everything from pockets to lining to fabric to if you want suspender buttons on your pants. They custom-make each garment to your unique measurements and specifications. And, it’s conveniently made for the internet age, so you don’t even have to go in and visit a tailor.

Close-up view of spool of colored threads for stitching.

Custom furniture is similar – it lets you tailor-make the piece for your home and your style. A great sofa is an investment, just like a suit, and it should fit your and your lifestyle perfectly. Why settle for something off an assembly line (or something you have to put together yourself with a plastic nail!), when you can get something made just for you. You choose from truly limitless options, including the chair style, the wood, the fabric, even the specific sizes so you have maximum comfort. Plus modern technology has made the custom option more affordable, and an easy choice when you’re looking for something that lasts.

Thanks to the internet, you can order anything in your life to be custom. Put your favorite picture on a mug or a blanket. Get books made with your child’s name in it. Discover jewelry made with your favorite flower, or shoes that fit better than you’ve ever experienced. It makes gifts more personal and homes more unique. It helps you stand out, and gives personal connection to your things. In the modern “quality over quantity” mindset, everything is given more value. Wouldn’t you rather invest in something that excites you and fits you perfectly, whatever it may be?

Modern items, like customizable sofas also allow you to be part of the process. Even if you can’t visit the workshop, you can see images of the piece while it’s being built and offer your input. You can order samples of the fabric to arrive at your home, so you can actually feel the softness and make an educated decision. And if the tailor made item doesn’t come out the way you want it, they’ll fix it for you, until you’re satisfied.

Luxurious Rio Sofa in Customizable Upholstery and Block Legs.

Technology like 3D imaging has also made bespoke tailoring even easier. Designers don’t have to create samples of every product, or even fit it onto the customer. This easy-to-use technology makes customization even more exciting for customers, as they can see what their creation will look like on their body, before it even arrives. With just a few clicks of a button, customers can virtually try on hundreds of styles, without leaving their home. In today’s busy world, this is a lifesaving tool for our hectic lives.

This imaging makes it easier to see how a new sofa will fit in your home, as you virtually move it around your space. This makes a better guarantee that the item will be a good purchase, and will both fit and look great with your surrounding décor. Make one choice, and enjoy it forever when you take the time to build it custom.

Modern tailors of everything from clothing to furniture are here to bring personality and luxury to the everyday consumer. Now everyone can enjoy a tailor made item to make their lives easier and more stylish.

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