Stem is now Medley

In 2005, we began making furniture out of our Los Angeles apartment and what a journey it has been! We're so grateful for the hands that have supported us and the encouragement we've received. With every new phase, we've taken time to reflect on our past and thoughtfully move forward in appreciation of the experiences that have shaped us.

We're proud of our ability to offer beautiful furniture made by hand, using eco-minded materials, with options to customize, and crafted in the USA.
Along with growth, has come many decisions, and so today we present to you our new name: Medley

Why the name Medley?

We felt Medley was a strong name that conveyed the values behind our brand:
  • Medley is often associated with assortments in nature.
  • Medley harkens back to a pure, slower lifestyle that's about craftsmanship and natural materials.
  • We also liked the idea of a medley of options to choose from since we're customizable, and that life is made up of a medley of moments that our furniture can be a part of.

Rio Sofa

What has changed?

Nothing other than the name! We're still dedicated to building the most eco-friendly furniture in the country, tailor-made in Los Angeles with high quality craftsmanship. Medley continues to focus on your shopping experience by offering: : 

  • Expert team member assistance
  • Furniture builders that go back generations
  • Interior Design Help
  • 100 day return policy
  • Options to customize
  • Free sample kits

Satisfaction Guarantee





Our main mission is still offer furniture that is better for our planet and our homes, and to do so while offering a more enjoyable shopping experience. We're on a journey to shift the entire furniture industry to be more aware of the materials being used and to stop thinking of home goods as disposable.

We have exciting plans ahead and we'll keep you posted as they develop. Thank you again for your support!