Shopping for a Modern Sectional? You're Doing It Wrong

A trendy, modern sectional sofa is the perfect accessory for your home. If you plan to entertain or you simply want a sectional to relax when you come home, you need a sectional sofa that will effortlessly match your space and your personal style.

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However, with so many options available for modern sectional sofas, it is easy to forget what you are actually shopping for. If you think that any sectional will do, think again! If you are shopping for a modern sectional, here are three signs that you are doing it all wrong and what you can do to make sure that you select the right sofa for your needs.

Mistake #1: Mass-Produced Furniture

Most people usually rely on buying modern sectional sofas that are mass produced. Furniture companies make a bunch of these sectionals ahead and time and then simply expect you to find an option that will work for your home. But, what do you do when nothing works? Most furniture retailers will simply suggest that you shop elsewhere or try to pressure you into buying something that doesn’t really work for your home.

However, pre-built sectionals are not the only options that you have to choose from. At Medley, you can customize modern sectional sofas in terms of the exact size to the inch, the depth, the filling used, the fabric, the legs. Yes, you can get exactly what you want and instead of having to settle for what companies think that the average person wants for his or her home!

Mistake #2: Limiting Your Ideas to Furniture Showroom Concepts

When is the last time that you walked into a furniture store and you actually loved every piece in the showroom? Even better, when was the last time that the showroom furniture display actually looked like your home? Unless you’re an interior designer with a strong eye for average furniture, chances are that furniture stores have never really helped you to buy furniture. In fact, you may have even been disappointed when after buying when the furniture does not look as great in your home as it did in the store.

Therefore, it really doesn’t make much sense to base your selection of a sectional for your home on what a showroom design looks like. In fact, choosing a sectional this way is more likely to make you choose the wrong option!

Instead of trying to build your home around furniture retailer furniture display ideas, you can use your own creativity to decide what is best for your home. Medley offers free design help and free samples to make sure you get the right options for your needs. When you plan your sectional around what you actually have in your home, you can improve the odds that your new sectional will fit seamlessly into your existing décor.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Know Your Measurements

While you may have fallen in love with a modern sectional that you found online or in a furniture store, do you actually know whether it will fit in your home? Remember, that you need to ensure that there is enough space to easily get into the room. You also need to ensure that someone of your height and weight will actually feel comfortable while seated on the sectional. The sectional must also provide ideal seating and viewing angles if you plan to entertain or watch TV in your space.

All of these specifications depend on the careful measurements of your space. If you are assuming that the furniture store has already done all of this work for you, think again! If you have taken the measurements and you are having trouble finding standard options that will fit your space, a customized sectional is probably the best option. After all, your furniture should fit your space perfectly. Don’t force things by simply accepting that you’ll have to jump over the sectional that is too long if you want to sit down once you enter the room!

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Buying Mass-Produced Furniture Is an Outdated Concept

All of these mistakes show why buying mass-produced furniture is such an outdated concept. If you want a modern sectional that will work perfectly in your space, you should opt to have it custom made. Clover can make your custom furniture for you right in Los Angeles in just a few weeks and ship it to any location nationwide.

Your home is a unique space that should reflect your personal style and taste. Creating your own custom, modern sectional sofas means you can can get the best outcome for your home.


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