Platform Bed - A Modern Bed Frame For Guests

Guest Room Essentials to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Besides a comfortable platform bed to sleep on, do you know what your visitors really need in their guest room?

Guest rooms often are designed as simply another bedroom in the house. However, adding a couple of intentional additions will transform these rooms from an extra bed to a place where your guests can really feel at home. 

When designing a guest room, try to add these 5 essential elements.

A Spot for Luggage

The first mistake people make when designing their guest room is crowding the room with extra furniture. Let’s face it: an empty room that gets used a couple of times a year quickly becomes storage space for all the furniture or things that don’t have a place anywhere else.

Guest room

While having extra furniture in your guest room isn’t a bad option, be sure to leave at least some space for your guests to store their luggage. Otherwise, you run the risk of them tripping over it in the middle of the night on their way to the bathroom.

Hotel-Style Accessories

There’s something to be said for imitating the professionals, and no one does guest rooms better than hotels.

First, be sure to leave clean towels out and readily available. Second, have all of the essentials on hand or close by. These include the Wi-Fi password, tissues, hair care supplies and water bottles or cups. 

Want to really win your guests over? Make sure it’s easy for them to charge their phones at night. This might mean supplying an extra-long charging cord or positioning a charger in the ideal outlets in advance.

Bedside Lamps

Have you ever been warm and cozy under the covers only to realize you left the light on? Bedside lamps are crucial for allowing your guests to warm up in bed with a book without having to sacrifice comfort.

Bedside lamp

You can do a pair of table lamps to create symmetry on either side of the bed, but also consider sconces or wall lamps to open up space on your tables.

Empty Baskets

A common complaint from travelers is the conflict of mixing dirty clothes with clean ones. While some visitors may think ahead by bringing their own laundry bag, it’s best to assume they won’t. 

Prior to your guest’s arrival, place a couple of empty baskets for their use. Some helpful uses for these baskets include dirty clothes, toiletries, and shoes.

A Comfortable Platform Bed

Few things are worse than going on vacation and not sleeping well. While you may love a thin, hard mattress, don’t assume your guest will. Instead, try and make their bed as comfortable as possible.

Modern platform bed

A platform bed is best for providing support and is often a firmer sleeping option than a box spring-mattress combination. Because of how low they are to the ground, it increases the stability of the bed. Someone who may toss and turn when trying to sleep in a new bed will appreciate that.

Be sure to have multiple layers of blankets so your guests can be in control of their warmth.

Balancing Comfort with Storage

While we all wish we could leave a guest room pristine and ready for unexpected visitors to show up, that’s not always going to be the case. You’re going to want to use the room for other things as well, if only for storage.

That’s why we recommend getting a platform bed with space underneath to hide away the extra home décor, crafts, or whatever else you need. Check out our complete collection of stylish beds and get designing your guest room today!