Modern Dining Table - Family Dinner Together Matters

Often overlooked, bringing your family together for dinner every night has been proven to improve your life in a myriad of ways. While most studies center around the effect it has on children, it’s still a beneficial practice even if it’s just you and your significant other at home every night.  

Here are some of the best reasons why you should gather around a dining table together as often as possible:

You’ll Be Happier

Did you know that when you consistently eat dinner together as a family, you tend to be happier as a person? If this were the only benefit of eating dinner together, it would be well worth the effort because who couldn’t use a little extra happiness.

However, it’s only one of the many advantages. Family dinners have a direct correlation with stress reduction for both working moms and dads. Additionally, scientists have found that adolescents that eat dinner with their families tend to have strong mental health resilience and less stress in their lives.

Family dinner

This is often what leads to them feeling happier and more carefree. Not only that but these adolescents were also more likely to avoid substance abuse, unhealthy weight control practices, suicidal thoughts and more.

It Leads to Better Food Choices

Adolescents aren’t the only ones that can develop healthy weight control practices from family dinners — you and other young children will as well.

Family dinners help people of all ages develop portion control and an increased understanding of food groups. All of which will help you make better food choices in day-to-day life. Gather around your dining table instead of the television so that you see how much you eat.   

Improves Family Relationships

With the advance of technology and the internet, there are a million things within reach that can and do distract us.

Without knowing it you can easily spend an hour simply scrolling through posts or watching funny videos. Sitting down for dinner every night helps families disconnect from the constant barrage of distractions. 

Dining table

Families that eat together often know how to communicate better and put that into practice in their other relationships as well.

Strengthens Your Intellect

While there are many more advantages to eating dinner together, one of the ones that frequently gets overlooked is the effect it can have on the brain. 

Children who eat dinner with their parents are more likely to receive better grades in school. Not only that but it’s also been shown that dinners improve vocabulary at an early age. This comes as a result of your children being able to talk about their day in a convenient and stress-free setting.

If you want to give your family the best chance for success, then you should regularly sit down at your modern dining table and eat dinner together. 

The time it takes to plan and prepare dinner will be minuscule compared to the effect it has on your family’s well-being. Get started by finding a beautiful new dining table that makes you excited to gather together every night.