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Living Room Design 101

Let's Be Real. 

It’s a little intimidating to design a living room that feels both beautiful and functional by yourself. Factoring in the size of your space, personal taste, and trying to avoid falling down an internet search how-to rabbit hole… There’s a lot to navigate!

With spring starting to come into view, it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your living room. Scroll on to discover four on-trend ways to refresh, revitalize, and revamp the heart of your home. And if you need extra help, don’t hesitate to get free interior design guidance from our team of experts.


Did you know setting up two sofas mirroring each other actually utilizes less space than a more traditional L-shape sectional and loveseat combo?! This sort of setup is ideal for smaller living rooms, creating an easy French salon-inspired sitting room vibe with plenty of cozy -- but not overcrowded -- seating for guests (or your own sweet sprawling).


If you’re working with a small or slightly funky-shaped space and want it to feel modern (and very easy to reconfigure when you want to shake things up!), you only need to know two words: Modular. Furniture. 

The ultimate option for adaptability in a tiny living room, you can move modules around based on whether you’re cozying up solo or need to make space for more than a few guests without any hassle.

For a larger space, a classic sectional and coffee table pairing lends itself to any interior aesthetic.

Take this combo clean and minimal with an angled coffee table and a slick mid-century modern inspired sectional, or breezy and boho with a rounded table and sectional featuring plush, soft edges.

Another ideal layout for a space with a little more square footage, consider opting for a larger sofa with one or two accent chairs set at 90 degrees.

The accent chairs give you more room to play with bringing in additional textures and shapes into the room, and also serve as their own little nooks in a wide open space.

Looking for more inspiration or help bringing your living room vision to life?

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