How to Shop for Modern Furniture

Besides the obvious decisions of price, quality and brand, there are other choices that you will have to make when purchasing modern furniture. In fact, shopping for furniture has always been about personal preferences. Not everything is about the latest trends.

Finding the right items that are perfect for your space in every way is something that you can be proud of. The following tips can help you learn how to shop for modern furniture. We hope that you can use these tips to create a home that you can truly appreciate.

Consider the Function of Your Space

As you design your space, you must be selective. This is especially important if you want to make sure that you get things just right.

Think beyond the furniture and how focus on your overall plan for the space. Do you plan to use the space for formal dining or entertaining? Is it a quiet room for you to relax and reflect? Will the kids use it as a playroom? Then, buy only the furniture that meets your criteria for the intended use of the room. Recognizing your core needs is the key to selecting furniture that will create your ideal environment.

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Modern and Comfortable

There are many things to enjoy about modern furniture. Although it may seem exciting at first to have clean and organized interiors, it takes a bit of effort to make your space comfortable. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style and you can indeed have both.

Including throw pillows, throws and other textiles is an excellent way to make your space seem more relaxed. You should also carefully choose the upholstery for your furniture so that it provides the level of comfort that you prefer.

Natural fibers, including cotton and linen, are generally durable and are breathable options that work well in all climates. Soft, yet strong, these fabrics are ideal for furniture upholstery. There are many modern fabric companies that offer blends and polyester textiles as well.

However, care and maintenance are also important considerations. For low maintenance options, opt for stain-resistant materials. Leather is an excellent option if you have children or pets to prevent the piling and stains that can occur with fabric upholstery.

Choose Solid Wood for Modern Furniture

Judging whether a piece of furniture is likely to last just by looking at it is not a reliable means of evaluating quality. In fact, there are many modern furniture items that are made from less durable synthetic or engineered materials.

While construction is highly important, selecting furniture that is made from the right materials is key. If is important to you, choosing solid wood furniture is one of the best options.

Wood furniture is made from several different types of wood including hardwood, softwood or engineered wood. The type of wood can have a huge impact on the durability of your furniture and how it will stand up to wear and tear. If you are looking for a furniture material that is designed to last, seek out furniture that is made from hardwood, such as oak, beech, ash, teak, cherry, birch or walnut.

Many people wonder if it is worth it to spend more on solid wood furniture. However, an important difference between solid wood and other types of wood furniture is that solid wood can be refinished. The same can not be said of veneer and plywood furniture, which generally can not handle wear and tear. Therefore, an investment in solid wood furniture is a cost-effective option since well-built solid wood furniture can last for years to come.

Warm It Up With Color and Texture

In some ways, modern furniture can make a room feel sterile. It is important that you maintain some warmth in the room by adding color and texture. Leather upholstery, textured wallcoverings, and area rugs are excellent options that will add character to your space and delight your senses.

Monochromatic color schemes are also popular with modern interiors. Neutral colors and white are typically used to create this look but they can have the unintended effect of make your room seem dull and lifeless. Instead, consider adding some color variation in the furniture pieces to make the room seem less intimidating. Select colors that work together, but still provide contrast.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to break the mold by making a big statement with your furniture. If you want to attract attention, opt for a vibrantly colored accent piece for your room, such as a modern sofa or accent table. Just make sure that you don't overdo it by adding more than one or two statement pieces, if you want the design of your space to look balanced.

While you probably don't have as much time to dedicate to shopping for furniture as an interior designer, some planning and research is still required if you want to design an inviting, yet modern space.

For the best results, choose modern furniture that can make your daily life in your home comfortable and enjoyable.

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