High End Sofa Beds

High End Sofa Beds

One of the hardest aspects of looking for a sofa bed may be finding one that doesn’t resemble a sofa bed. A living room is, after all, not a bedroom, and the furniture within it shouldn’t resemble bedding. Medley offers a wide range of sofa beds that look completely at place in the living room. However, they can also be easily converted into sleepers for overnight guests or when one is seeking solitude.

A Wide Variety of Styles and Sizes

Sofa beds come in many styles, sizes, colors and fabrics, and can meet the needs of different homes in different ways. The Strata Full Bed is a folding unit that features a stylish design and offers two types of mattresses. The custom Rio Armless Queen Sofa Bed and the related Rio Queen Sofa both feature beds that fold into their frames. 

Appealing to Different Generations


Many may be interested in sectional sofa beds. In this category, the Brenem Chaise Left Sectional custom piece is available in two comfortable mattress options. It features built-in back padding in the place of separate pillows. Its clean lines should satisfy anyone with a taste for modern furniture design.

Those who believe bigger is better may want to consider the Strata Left Sectional. This armed sofa bed has a modern design and is perfect for lounging, watching television or, as a bed, for getting some rest. Its wide arms lend comfort to those who use it for sitting, and its design makes it easier to fit into almost any space.


Change the Look of Any Living Room

Particularly unique is the Rio Sleeper Sectional piece. Nearly 9 feet long, the sofa bed uses recycled content beige microsuede that is both exceptionally durable and can be easily cleaned. Its sleeper section is comprised of coils and an air mattress wrapped in a thick cover, which provides outstanding comfort.

Being Creative with Sofa Beds

Sofa beds not only enhance the decor of any interior living space but allow for creativity in terms of how they are used. The custom Strata Queen Sofa Bed is an armed sofa that extends out in the traditional sense to allow for a restful sleep. As a sofa, it is ideal for working or relaxing. As a bed, its stylish design is complimented by two mattress options.

A more demure piece is the Brenem Sleeper Sofa. Its dark blue textured fabric is both durable and can be easily cleaned. Comfortable seating is made possible by foam-filled seat cushions. Comfort for sleeping comes from its unique design, which combines a coil system with a pod-mounted air mattress.

A Unique System of Sales and Services

In the past, furniture companies have marketed their products inefficiently through archaic sales methods. Medley sales practices allow customers to select and purchase furniture that matches their specific needs. Its commitment to customers is reflected by its wide range of services. It will even help customers decide how to best furnish their homes.

Medley modern sofa beds can be viewed and purchased online. Customers are also encouraged to request samples of the materials used in the furniture, which will help guarantee that they are compatible with their surroundings. The company even has a service that partners with interior designers to make sure the furniture will match each home setting. Out-of-town residents can send in pictures of their living spaces, and company staff will use them to help determine what furniture looks best.

The company will actually help cover the cost of airfare to visit its Los Angeles showroom, with a minimum purchase. As proof of its commitment to the environment, it will donate funds to the Carbon Fund to offset any pollution created by the customer’s trip. Those who charge their purchases will be assured that their credit card information will be protected with the latest methods.

Furniture comes with customer-friendly warranties and a liberal returns policy. Customers can expect a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and those who are not satisfied can return their furniture within 30 days. They can also take satisfaction that company products are exclusively made in America.

Since it opened in 2016, Medley has been dedicated to offering the best solutions for modern furniture. It does this by combining customization, modern technology and the smartest designs. Call (877) 884-3776 for information about high end sofa beds and the rest of their products, or visit their website at https://www.medleyhome.com.