Have Pets? How to Shop for Pet Friendly Furniture

Many people have managed to live at home with their pets without sacrificing their sense of style and organization. Yes, it is actually quite possible to have a home that looks great and a pet, too. However, planning your home around your pet means that you will need to do more than simply consider whether your upholstery fabrics can tolerate pet dander.

The key to a happy home is to select the right furniture. With pet friendly furniture, you’ll no longer have to worry about your home going to the dogs! Here are some tips on how to shop for pet friendly furniture.

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Opt for Thicker Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery

The upholstery fabric is an important feature of pet friendly furniture. Thick fabrics are generally recommended for upholstery for pet friendly furniture. Many people prefer the look and feel of softer fabrics. However, when your pets come into contact with your furniture, these fabrics can be easily destroyed resulting in piling, or worse tears in the fabric. Soft fabrics are pretty much impossible to repair without a complete reupholstery of the furniture item.

In addition, you don't only have to rely on the upholstery fabric itself to protect your furniture. You can also invest in slipcovers, which can be periodically laundered and will keep your pet from coming into direct contact with the furniture’s upholstery. Slipcovers can also allow you to enjoy a new look for your furniture as you play with new colors and pattern options.

Avoid Textured Fabrics

Pets really love your sofa, let's be honest. And we don't blame them! Fabrics that have textures should be avoided so that your pet’s claws won’t get caught causing damage to the furniture. Hairs may also become wedged in the fibers, making it extremely difficult to remove all of the pet hair.

However, you can keep the patterns because fabrics with patterns are actually excellent at hiding pet hair. Patterns can also help reduce the appearance of stains on your furniture.

Use Fabrics That Have WS Cleaning Codes

If you look at the tag of a furniture item, you will find cleaning codes that are designated by the letters W, S, WS, or X. If you are shopping for pet friendly furniture, you should be aware of what these codes mean since it is not exactly obvious.

A W cleaning code indicates that the furniture should be cleaned using a water-based cleaner. A cleaning code of S indicates that you should not use water to clean the furniture but a dry cleaning solvent instead. A cleaning code of X means that you won’t be able to spot clean yourself because you will need to have the cleaning performed by a professional upholstery cleaning company.

However, a furniture cleaning code of WS indicates that you may use a dry-cleaning solvent, upholstery shampoo, or detergent foam to spot clean the furniture. Fabrics that have the WS cleaning code are generally recommended as pet friendly furniture.

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Buy Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture offers a significant advantage in homes with pets. Unlike furniture made from other materials, solid wood furniture can be sanded and refinished if needed. This doesn’t mean that this type of furniture is not susceptible to scratches, claw marks and other damage. It simply means that you won’t have to automatically buy new furniture if your pet decides to have his or her way with the sofa.

Choices, Choices

Now that you have a idea of what makes for quality pet friendly furniture, here are the furniture options that can work well in your home. And remember, always order material samples!:

1. Synthetic fibers, such as microfiber, make good options for pet friendly upholstery fabrics because they can resist the damage from pet claws and are also generally stain resistance. These fabrics are also known for their ability to repel moisture and bacteria, to help your furniture remain odor-free and stain-free. Ultrasuede is stain-resistant microfiber that offers the smooth touch of real suede with added durability.

2. Match the fabric with your pet's hair. Choosing the color of your upholstery based on the color of your pet’s hair can help you to more efficiently hide pet hair on your furniture.

3. Furniture with high-gloss finishes and powder-coated metals is also highly resistant to damage caused by pet claws and teeth. Buying furniture with these features will save you from having to sacrifice style for durability.

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Before you purchase any new furniture for a household with pets, you should review all of the furniture options that are available. Pet friendly furniture is available everywhere these days and it is much easier for you to find something that will work well in your home. With a bit of planning you can cleverly furnish your home to accommodate your pet while also making it enjoyable for yourself.


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