Guide on How to Buy Furniture Online

For many people, buying furniture online is the best way to find interesting designs at affordable prices. However, there are some additional considerations that you need to take into account when shopping for furniture online because you will not work directly with a furniture salesperson.

Here is a guide on how to buy furniture online so that you can avoid buyer's remorse.

Make Sure to Measure Everything so It Fits in Your Space Well

Purchasing the right furniture isn’t only about the look of the furniture. It is also about making sure that all of the pieces work well together. If you want to design the perfect space, you should make sure that you measure everything so that it fits in your space. Include allowances for foot traffic, walls and doors in your measurements so that you do not clutter your home with so much furniture that it makes navigating the room uncomfortable or difficult.

If You Don't Have an Interior Designer Ask the Store for Design Help

Designing your home to your personal preferences by shopping for furniture online does not mean that you have to be an interior design expert. In fact, you should ask the store that you plan to shop with for help if you haven’t already hired an interior designer. Most online furniture stores don’t only offer help with products, they can also help you to plan out your design upgrades. When you shop for furniture online, there is no reason to think that you have to do it on your own simply because you aren’t shopping at a store!

Make Sure Items Can Fit into Your Hallway/Door/Stairs/etc

Measurements are everything if you plan to shop for furniture online! It is important that you measure your space carefully to determine how much clearance there is in order to successfully install the new furniture item. Make sure that you ask the furniture online retailer to provide the exact measurements of the item that you plan to purchase so that you have a good idea of its size. You should never buy any furniture item online until you are absolutely sure that it will actually fit in your home.

Order Material Samples

Material samples can provide you with a way to do a “test run” of new patterns, colors and materials in your home before you actually purchase the furniture item. For wood items, it is important that the wood grain and color of the furniture matches the other wood items you already own. For colors and patterns, the right hue must be carefully chosen so that it does not add additional colors to your interior design color palette.

Material samples are also important when it comes to fabrics because you want to make sure that you are getting the textures that you prefer. If you are looking for highly durable fabrics, fabrics that are stain resistant or less likely to fade, you may want to order material samples to ensure that the fabric feels nice to the touch and isn’t too rough. While the attributes of some materials may help make your home easier to manage, you still want make sure that everything works well in-person so that you have a comfortable home.

Make Sure There Is a Good Return Policy

You should make sure that there is a good return policy when you shop online. The return policy should cover any potential issues you may encounter during shipment, such as damage to the furniture, product defects and other common issues that may warrant a return. You also need to consider whether the online furniture store will offer free returns or if you will be responsible for shipping. If you are responsible for return shipping, calculate these costs ahead of time if you are on a budget and would like to know exactly what you will spend.

Look at Furniture in Your Local Store to See What You Like to Compare

The last step to buying furniture online is to compare your options to your local furniture store. You may want to start by calculating the cost of shipping and the price of the furniture. In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, ordering online may make it much easier to return the items than by shopping at a local furniture store where you will be responsible for the pickup.

If anything, you can use your local store as a point of comparison for items that you would like to purchase online. In many cases, online furniture stores can offer the same or a more eco-friendly version of the products that you might find in a local store. It doesn’t hurt to take a trip to the store even if you plan to shop online.


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