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Durable Dresser Roundup

Walt Dresser in Maaple with plants and laptop

Pictured: Walt Dresser in Maple wood with brass pulls at Farmer Nick's house

Fold, pile, tuck, fold, pile, tuck, slide. Ahhhhh: the thrill of stowing away freshly laundered shirts. Some clothes are stored better folded up, and that probably means adding a dresser into your space—and whether you have a small walk-in closet or live with someone who has a petite passion for vintage shopping, we could all benefit from a little extra storage anyway, right? 

But first, what makes a quality dresser?

If you plan to wear clothes forever (just guessing!), you’ll need a durable dresser that can withstand years of wear 🙂. 

Materials and craftsmanship greatly impact the quality—and cost—of a dresser. At Medley, we source beautiful Maple and Walnut wood from FSC-certified forests in the United States, and every dresser is made by one of our experienced woodworkers using time-honored techniques and joinery. These efforts cost more, but make our furniture better, and better for the planet. 

Oh, and did we mention the soft-close technology we install in all our dressers? No more slammin’ around.

Double Wide Dressers

Our double dressers feature two columns of wide, spacious drawers, ideal if you share a room with a partner: you can each have a side! The ample length offers plenty of tabletop space to have fun with styling: try a focal point in the center like a large mirror or artwork, then build out the ends with fresh foliage, flowers, vases, bowls, lamps, etc. Make sure to measure and plan before trying a double dresser, especially if you have a smaller bedroom. 

Walt Dresser in Maple Wood

A modern classic. Our Walt wood dressers are available in Maple or Walnut wood with cutouts, pulls, or knobs.
Length: 70" | Depth: 20" | Height: 39"
Atten 4-Drawer Wide Dresser
You’ll love the curved arch based and elevating legs of our Atten wood dresser collection: each piece, including our 4-drawer wide model shown above, is available in Maple or Walnut wood.
Length: 70” | Depth: 20" | Height: 31"
Atten 6-Drawer Wide Dresser
Six whole drawers of storage bliss! Available in Maple or Walnut wood.
Length: 70” | Depth: 20" | Height: 41"

Standard Tall Dressers

Our space-saving tall wood dressers feature long, wide drawers with just enough tabletop space for more storage or styling. 

The perfect standard-sized wood dresser. Available in Maple or Walnut wood.
Length: 36" | Depth: 20" | Height: 41"
Atten 4-Drawer Tall Dresser
Go tall! 4-Drawer Tall Dresser is available in Maple or Walnut wood.
Length: 36" | Depth: 20" | Height: 51"

Want help deciding on the perfect dresser? You can email or book an appointment with one of our furniture stylists to get free design help here

And if you’re looking for bedroom furniture or more storage to match your new dresser, we have that too. 

Palder bed in maple wood with Palder Nighstands

Pictured: Palder Bed and Palder Nighstands in Maple

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